Canada In 2050 by: simran nijjer

In this adobe spark, we will explore current situations and future predictions that can impact Canada's future population, immigration and First Nations.

Current situations are that population and immigration trends are increasing and also the population of the First Nations are increasing.

Immigration Current Trends: 250,000 immigrants annually (it is increasing due to poverty etc.) Push factors to lead people to emigrate and include low wages, no law/order ; pull factors to lead people to immigrate are free health services, better education etc. My key predictions are that immigration to Canada will increase and will be our main source of population. Immigrants are most likely to settle in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and areas such as B.C for the reason of job availability and diversity. People will want to go to where there are most people like them and not be isolated. Most of Canada's immigrants are from East Asia—Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, as shown in the graph below.

Population Trends: Birth, death and natural increase. Currently we have 35 million and our population is increasing due to many factors including immigration, one previously mentioned. It has also raised from the baby boomers and new technology keeping us alive for longer. The death rates will also go up due to the baby boomers passing which will cause the most dramatic increase and also young couples/ indivisuals now don't want kids as they see them as a liability and have different priorities such as their education. My key predictions are that the population will flunctuate based on many factors but will mainly decrease.

Future of First Nations: Populations fast growing. 46% of aboriginals are under 25 years old. Aboriginals have a high fertility rate. Key predictions are that they will grow as most of the population is young and yet to reproduce.

How will my life be different in the year 2050 than the life my parents currently live in Canada?

In the year 2050, my adult life will be different than my parents in many ways. I think the main thing will be our newly developed technologies. (cars, phones etc.) Living styles/situations could change based on our population. Our housing could be different. There will be less kids because the indivisuals at the reproductive age will not want kids. There will be most people our age because the baby boomer will have passed away.


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