Gallatin County Schools Friday Notes, March 24, 2017


Last Friday Notes before Spring Break - Hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

Last Day for students is now Friday, May 19 and closing day is Monday, May 22.

March 28, Elementary Talent Show

April 20, Districtwide Arts and Humanities Night held at the high school.

April 21 Math parade at 2:00 PM

May 11, Senior Gala 6:00PM

May 20, Graduation 2:00PM


Safe Schools - if you cover you door remember to keep an open eye slot so an adult can look in.


Leah Webster (High School Teacher) was chosen to present on differentiation and scaffolded learning using Google Classroom/Google Apps at the TALK conference.

Color Run Here

The Gallatin County Performing Arts Boosters are hosting a Color Run here on campus on Saturday April 29, 2017 at 10:00AM and we need your help! Students will begin asking you to register with them in a few weeks. They will be out for two weeks working to get people signed up. After that, registrations are online and eventually will be just the day of the event.

Registration is $30 and with that you get a t-shirt, the run, and starting line color!!

There will be color stations set up along the route and we will douse you with more color during the run.


Kids using the app - Litterati while picking up garbage around campus



24 Ray Spahn

24 Mandy Young

26 Michelle Cravens

28 Kelli Russell

29 Sonya Giles

31 Donna Skirvin

Ray's Top 10

1. "I'm sorry" and "my bad" mean the same thing unless you are at a funeral.

2. When my kids were little and a telemarketer would call, I would hand the phone to them to talk. They never called back.

3. The last time I was someone's type, I was donating blood.

4.Funny how I tell my kids, "I need everyone in the car in 5 minutes."Yet, someone still has to use the bathroom.

5. If I don't clean my house soon, someone is going to bring in blindfolded people for a Febreeze commercial.

6.Never go cow tipping barefoot.

7. Facebook has made everyone Dr. Phil

8.We met for a reason. Either you're a blessing or a lesson.

9. I asked my wife what her favorite book was. She said my checkbook. Ouch

10. Tell someone you care about them everyday.

Substitute Teacher Has No Idea How Special He Is To Student's

Problem of the Week


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