The train ride Part 2

When they got of the train and saw the white house and the president. It just so happend to be the presidents birthday. The president is turning 58 today. Just as he is about to speak, a crew of paint ballers come crashing in. Every one got hit at least once, and falls to the ground. When they get back up, the crew runs away, and fires flares into the blue, sunny sky. The flares were specially made for them and read: we will be back for Terrence splider.

Terrence fainted, when he woke back up, his mom was hovering over him like a bee ready to sting. She was so so mad and asked why those "guys" wanted to kid nap him. Terrence told her the story and why they wanted to kid nap him. His mom gasped at what she had just heard. She said " Terrence your a complete and utter fool", in the tone of voice your mom uses when "your" in trouble. Terrence snapped back and said "no you are", in the same voice his mom had just used. Then a few minutes later, the train arrived to pick them up. That night Terrence was sent to his room without supper, and the incident was all over international news. When they were sleeping the paint ballers broke into their house kid napped Terrence, and stole all there valuebales. When She woke up, she noticed that her son was gone. Then she went to put on her Rolex watch, it was also gone. She called the cops, put up posters, and looked by herself and with her neighbours. She looked all over town until the last place to go was the oil refinery at the docs.

She went in to have a look, but found nothing. When she leaves she sees the crew dragging Terrence across the ground, chained up. She calls the cops to tell them Where the crew is. In five minutes the cops arrive at the docs but by the it is already to late, The crew, Terrence, and his mom are already gone. Terrence's mom was is now fighting the crew , she pushes one of the crew members into the sea. The other members have Their paintball guns stolen from his mom and are on the ground. Soon the whole crew is in the ocean or on the ground. The police then show up and arrest the crew for kid napping and aggravated assault. Terrence is at home in bed and his mom is in jail for a week for assault. The next day, Terrence;s dad is looking after him and it is a nice sunny day in Washington D.C.


Created with images by barockschloss - "Tracks" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "The White House Northside" • Rhys A. - "Light flare" • Unsplash - "industry industrial smoke" • TayebMEZAHDIA - "american flag usa barded wire"

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