5 Themes of Geography By Megan K

Theme 1: Location is where someone or something can be found. There are two different types of location. 1st type of location: Absolute location. Absolute location is the exact place that someone or something can be found. You can find an absolute location by using the latitude and longitude of the certain place.

One example of absolute location is: The Oregon Middle School is located at 42’ north latitude and 89’ west longitude.2nd type of location: Relative Location. Relative location is a general place where someone or something can be described or found. Relative Location is less specific than absolute location and can be harder to find but easier to describe.

One example of relative location is: I am South of the police department.

Theme 2: Every place has two characteristics. They are human and physical characteristics. A physical characteristic is anything that humans don't make and is made naturally.

Examples of Physical Characteristics: Lake Mendota, The Nile River, Clearwater Beach Florida.

A human characteristic is something that people make, or something that comes from people's actions.

Examples of Human characteristics: Foxboro Golf Course, The Bergamont Pool, and Troll Beach.

Theme 3: Human Environment Interaction (HEI) means that humans adapt to the environment, modify the environment, and depend on the environment. Humans adapting to the environment is how people change themselves or something about them to live and survive in the environment around them. Some examples of people adapting to the environment are: Wearing certain clothing for the weather, wearing sandals on the beach and boots in the snow.

Humans Modify the Environment. Humans modifying the environment is when people change the environment around or near them to survive there. Examples of humans modifying the environment: People air condition and heat buildings to be the right temperature, we also build buildings and living spaces to survive.

Humans Depend on the Environment. Humans depending on the environment is when people use and depend on the environment to survive.

Examples of people depending on the environment: People depend on lakes for water, people depend on the earth to have good soil for gardening, also people depend on the environment for space to build things.

Theme 4: Movement is how people, goods, or mass communication is spread or moved around. There are three different types of movement. Movement of people. People move around and get to places in a lot of different ways.

Some ways that we move around are by plane, riding in a car or truck, and a train. Some slower ways of getting around are walking and biking.

Movement of Goods. Movement of goods is how goods get moved from place to place and how people move goods to trade with each other.

Some examples of goods that get moved are: Birkenstocks, clothes, and electronics.

Movement of Mass Communication. The movement of mass communication is how people communicate and share things in big ways. Some examples of this are: computers, phones, ipods, texting, email, instagram, facebook, and other social media.

Theme 5: Region is certain spaces decided by the government, businesses, or people. Formal Regions. Formal regions are defined by the government or administrative boundaries.

Some boundaries that this includes are countries, states, cities, and counties.

Functional Boundaries. Functional boundaries are boundaries that businesses or companies make up that have a specific purpose for them.

A few examples are: USPS mail, and pizza delivery.

Vernacular Boundaries. Vernacular boundaries are defined by people's perception or what they think.

Some examples of this are: The Northeast, Midwest, and the south.

That's all of the 5 themes of geography.

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