Paris Eiffel touring

I spent a weekend in the beautiful city of Paris with my girlfriend and my camera and it was time very well spent. I decided to take the cheap lens and the broken camera because I knew I’d be lugging them around endlessly in rough weather. The result was superb, although I’d be happy to have come back with no pictures at all. I had a great time and we found some truly awesome places.

Thanks to the Lonely Planet Paris guide we found the best burger I’ve ever tasted! I’m not even exaggerating, it was epic! The meat melted as I bit into it, the sweet potato fries were perfectly fried, and the atmosphere in the restaurant at the shared tables was so warm and open it just naturally provoked a smile and a great chat. Rumour has it that Parisians have gone ‘burger bonkers’ and the butcher, Yves-Marie le Bourdonnec has provided Blend with the my #1 burger. A reason to return all on it’s own! More to meet my better halves taste buds was Angelina. I think the words used to describe the taste of this unique hot chocolate experience were “OMG!” It’s such a simple concept but delivered in such a belle époque setting. You get your table (after you’ve queued of course) and peruse la carte to see what patisserie takes your fancy and you HAVE to choose the chocolat chaud l’African, which is served to you as an empty cup and saucer, a jug of hot chocolate so thick it may s well be syrup, and a pot of cream with a petit spoon. I came out with a numb mouth from all of the sweetness which had entered my mouth but it was the most delicious hot chocolate and worth the wait. The food in general was of a high standard everywhere we went, finding ourselves at small back street cafes most lunchtimes. Even the thé d’orange and pain au chocolat I managed to find at about 7am on my way back from a sunrise photo mission was something to talk about. These night time photos of this beautiful city include photos from that early morning walk….

So, Paris itself (food aside) is a very interesting place. Nothing seems particularly organised, the Metro system confused me no end and I found myself checking, double checking, and even triple checking every time we used it. That was while I wasn’t holding my nose to prevent my nostrils from being assaulted by the pungent odours of the network of tunnels with trains in which seems to be primarily used as a toilet. That being said, it was nowhere near as rushed or ignorant as a trip on the London Underground. The novelty for me was being able to open the door yourself with a little catch! It’s the little things. Our first explore saw us arrive at the Place de la Concorde and take a lovely walk along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower in all it’s majesty. The first time you see that thing it really is amazing, and that feeling doesn’t quite go away time after time. Here are some iconic Paris views for you.

We soon compiled a list in our minds of exactly where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysee, Notre Dame, St Sulpice, Moulin Rouge, Sacre Cour. The whole experience brought back so much of my memory of reading the Da Vinci Code all that time ago. 2004? I felt like I knew these places, having never actually been there. Everything I saw, everywhere I went, there were references. I was imagining tunnels, Robert Langdon and Sophie hunting down artefacts, clues, searching for symbolism buried in the design of the buildings around me. Paris lends itself to a certain mystery; it carries an enchanting aura all over and there is so much to mesmerise and so much history to immerse yourself in. I tried to capture that in my photographs and I loved it so much. I’m definitely going back! I hope you enjoy the pics.

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