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Another fantastic few weeks was had in the KB class. The learners have all continued to display great interest in plants and have been investigating a variety of different plant life. During the week the children listened to ‘The Potato People’ by Pamela Allen. The story is about a little boy called Jack and his Grandma who make two people out of potatoes. When Jack moves away, Grandma misses him and the potato people start to wither. She buries them in the garden and a huge potato plant grows. When Jack returns to see it, it has died, but underneath it they discover hundreds of new potatoes. After the story Eloan suggested we try making some ‘potato people’. So that is what we did!

We discussed the many things you could make with potatoes such as mashing them, roasting, making soup, and even baking potato pie. The learners noticed a potato clock on the carpet and were very keen to see if we could get it to work by creating a current using 2 potatoes.

And to our absolute delight when Sebastian inserted the last rod into the potato, the digital clock started working.

The rest of the potatoes were peeled, boiled, mashed and eaten. Most of the learners loved the mash potatoes and came back for seconds and even thirds. They all thought they were the best mash potatoes in the universe.

The children then tried their luck with planting some potatoes. The potatoes have started to sprout and we are looking forward to digging through the soil to find lots of tiny potatoes.

The learners investigated what would happen if celery was placed into coloured water. They remembered a similar experiment we did during our 'Five Senses' unit, when we placed white flowers into coloured water. The learners were able use their prior knowledge and predicted that the celery sticks would change colour.

The children conducted an experiment to see if tomato seeds would grow if squeezed straight from a tomato. There were mixed opinions, some thought the tomatoes would only grow from a seed packet, while other's thought they would grow from the fresh tomatoes. Reuben thought they would grow from both. When we returned to school after the weekend we were delighted to see the seeds the learners squeezed from the tomatoes had sprouted. We are looking forward to seeing if we can harvest a crop of cherry tomatoes.

After a discussion about vegetable's that grow underground the learners set about naming and drawing all of the ones they knew of.

In Phonics, the children were introduced to the digraphs, ‘ai’ and ‘ee’ sounds, through a variety of interactive games and activities. During these Phonics sessions, the learners are also exposed to tricky and high frequency words, which they are now becoming more familiar with. The children enjoy writing these new words during guided writing.

In Maths we have explored the concept of tally marks through hands-on activities such as arranging the paddle pop sticks to represent a given number and by engaging in activities on the interactive whiteboard.

The learners have also been gathering information about food preferences and learning different ways to record this information. We designed our own favourite fruit graph where the children had to select their favourite fruit and display the result in the correct column of the graph. The learners were able to create simple pictograms.

Dates to remember

March 1st - Kindergarten Mini Exhibition

March 15th - Field trip to Botanic Gardens

March 17th - End of Term 3 (school closes at the usual time)

Thank you all so much for your positive thoughts and wishes on my recent trip back to Australia to be with my Mother. She was released from hospital last Friday and is now at home as she begins her recovery.

Regards, Lyn and Clara

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