north vs south korea

The conflict of North Korean and South Korea has not gotten better over the last few years and they don't seem like ending. North Korea is refusing to call south Korea a country and stays to its border and doesn't allow any of its people to go down to there country. North Korea is actually trying to get people to come over by making fake city that look like utopias. in the history of this conflict one single south Korean has illegally immigrated to north Korea.

South Korea blamed the North for sneaking into the zone to plant the mines. But in the charged atmosphere on the Korean peninsula, the South had to be careful in its response. So it turned to a tactic it hadn't used in 11 years — and knew would infuriate the North's leaders.

South Korea began blasting recordings criticizing the North's leaders from loudspeakers on its side of the border. The messages are so loud they can sometimes be heard a dozen miles inside North Korea. The North promptly called this a declaration of war and threatened to blow up the speakers.

At first, North Korea just retaliated in kind, blaring its own propaganda over the border. Then, on Thursday, its soldiers launched a projectile towards South Korea's speakers. South Korea responded with artillery fire. The two countries engaged in tense talks before agreeing to de-escalate tensions

this was taken in june 2015 and this is just a example of what is happening

all together both sides need to grow up and end this stupid conflict or peace that they both praise will never be over.

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