The Renaissance By:AdilENE aguilar

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the renaissance because it allowed Marco Polo to travel to china which led him to bring new ideas and goods to Venice.It also made the people in venice curious about China's good so trade began to occur.People could finally buy things they wanted instead of things they needed.

Italian Trade Cities(Florence)

These trading city's were important because they were some of the largest and wealthiest cities in all of Europe.

Medici Family

1.The Medici Family members 2.Inside of the Medici Chapel 3.Building with art

Rediscovering the Past(Greek and Roman)

The Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renaissance because of its Art. The classical art helped inspire the renaissance the most because they both tried to make their creations realistic."Figures looked lifelike and three-dimensional, reflecting an increasing knowledge of anatomy" and "Figures were lifelike but often idealized, or more perfect than in real life".These pieces of evidence show how Greek and Roman art were like the Renaissance art.

Leonardo da Vinci

Learnard was more than an artist.He was an inventor as well.He sketched all his inventions on his notebook.His inventions weren't as known as his artwork because his mother on his notebook were written backwards and in a different language.

1.This was on of his best work.He found out how to make a perfect square and circle with a human body. 2.This is an example of how he wrote. 3.In this invention he wanted to make a human fly.


This video focus's on Architecture.

Paper and Printing(Johann Gutenberg)

1.Johann Gutenberg developed the printing press. 3. .This is the printing press.Its used to add writing in paper. 2.This was the newer way people

He got ideas from china on how to print words into paper with a more better way.

Renaissance Writing (WilliamShakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writing reflected the ideas of humanity.They reflected humanism because he showed that each human was important."The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each being is important"(Holt 317).This shows that William Shakespeare used humanism in his plays and writings.His plays and writings also made people really interested and wanting to pay to watch his players because he had humor and he was open to humanity."Ever since,people have enjoyed the beauty of Shakespeare's language and understanding of humanism.This explains everyone wanted to watch his played and read his writing no matter if they were poor or rich.

Quote:"When I saw you a fell in love and you smiled because you knew."

Romeo & Juliet

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