Jewish Identity Meryl Butler and Frank Nikbahkt

Meryl grew up in a Jewish family where she was constantly bullied

She was violated by a religious member of the community when she was eight

Meryl vowed to never associate herself with the Jewish community ever again

However, she returned to Judaism when her mother died and she fell in love with the religion again

He lives in California and works as a volunteer for Jewish rights in Iran

13 Jewish people were arrested in Iran for spying for Israel and he helped advocate for their release

Goal is to publicize the human rights violations the Iranian regime imposes on minority religions in Iran such as Judaism

Helped out other religions and advocating on their behalf although he is Jewish himself

Video on Jewish persecution

Discussion questions:

How do you think Jewish people view themselves?

Are Jews treated as equally as other people of different religions?

What do you think it means to be Jewish?

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