Beginning of World War 2 grayson spears

The start of World War 2 started when Germany invaded Poland which got many other countries involved in the war. Ethnic Germans had to be persecuted inside Poland when Germany invaded Poland .After Hitler invaded Poland the Soviet Union got involved in the war .When that happened many countries started having warlike actions. When Britain and France knew about the invasion of Poland they decided to declare war on Germany. Many other countries started to join the war after the invasion. That is when the war started and it became dangerous.

Throughout the war many countries became to get involved. When Germany found out that more countries were joining the war they decided to develop radios to communicate. Next France wanted to sign a pact that divided countries into different zones. Hitler wanted to take over many territories. Then Germany began to take control of many different countries.

When Germany went into war they had there own strategy called blitzkrieg which means lightning war. Germany and the USSR decided that they wanted to invade half of Poland. Throughout the war Germany remained a dictatorship. When the war went on the Jewish town were burned down because of all the bombs and shootings all around them. They could not defend themselves from all the bombs and war that happened all in their town.

Germany had a very great and powerful group of troops which was very helpful for them. In 1940 Germany declared war on Denmark and Norway. On May 1940 Germany also defeated Luxembourg, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. Germany started to take control of the war because they defeated so many countries. Hitler decided during the war that he would seize Norway and Denmark. Hitler and his troops would only stop fighting if they were being fought by an strong group of troops. Germany's troops were hard to be stopped throughout the war. When Germany attacked a country they attacked with great force.

World War 2 made many countries lose a lot of money because of all the damage and the weapons that they had to fix or buy. 50 countries joined throughout the war. Men in the war fought everywhere in the world except Antarctica so they traveled a lot. A lot of destruction happened during the war because of all the countries that joined and the countries they fought.

On December 7, 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. They destroyed the United States naval base in Hawaii. When they bombed Pearl Harbor they destroyed the USS Arizona which was the United States battleship. The bombing killed many America troops and sailors that were at the naval base.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor caused a lot of damage the the United States base in Hawaii. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor congress declared war back on Japan so the United States could destroy some of their stuff. Japan used a lot of power and destroyed some of the United States important things.

The USS Arizona was bombed during World War 2 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona was the United States battleship. Japan sunk the ship and killed many people. The USS Arizona was a great battleship and will be remembered forever.

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