WHAT'S NEW AT MILLER MARRIOTT? If it's been a while, allow us to reintroduce ourselves...

We specialize in creating timeless, authentic single-family homes in Southeastern Wisconsin and build approximately 20 custom homes a year...but we also do much more than that! As a full-service provider, Miller Marriott lends experience in designing & building new homes (we can also help you find land!). We believe everything we do is to enhance the experience for our client, including: interior design, land entitlement, 3D modeling and construction. Additionally, we are able to provide real estate services for marketing, buying and selling properties.

Some beautiful shots from our Ellison Bay Model home



  • TIMELESS DESIGN - Our in-house designers lend experience to give each of our clients a look that is tailored to their style but remains true to the Miller Marriott brand.
  • CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING – We believe the best source of feedback is the clients we build for. We use their feedback to get better or keep doing what they love.
  • QUALITY – Our standards are something we are proud of and we update and publish annually. We believe the materials, products and suppliers we chose are integral to a Miller Marriott product.
  • NO SURPRISES – Except maybe for birthdays, we don’t feel surprises should happen in timing or cost. We have implemented processes to make costs & timing visible once construction starts.
  • FULL SERVICE – Unlike most builders, we have the ability to help our clients with anything from finding land, valuing and/or selling their home, interior design, to in-house architecture.
  • ORIGINALITY – Each home is as special as the homeowner...there is never a “package” home. Everything is unique to the homeowner from the design and flow to the interior and exterior design elements. Jim Marriott, our lead architect, has 35 years of experience & you can't come by Architectural experience like that very often.


A high-quality custom home created just for you using prior Miller Marriott designs as a starting point. Limited architectural updates & changes are made to the floor plan and elevation based on your individual needs. Design choices are unique to you, such as lighting & plumbing fixtures, hardware, fireplace surround design, colors, type of quartz, and interior door style (just to name a few!). This allows you to work with our professional in-house designers for a $0 design and selection support fee...yep, you heard that right! You'll have selection options hand-picked specifically for you, a shorter time to market, and still get to work with our entire team. We are upfront in our cost to build so that you don't run into any big surprises along the way. Think this might work for you? Click below to learn more.

The CHARLESTON: A Modern Farmhouse

Come check out our newest 2021 model home! We'd love to see you. Our first open house will be in the new year...stay tuned on our social media & our website for details.

4 BR | 3.5 BA | 3 CAR GARAGE | 2891 SQ FT Located in Germantown, WI | W130 N11617 Harvest Hills Rd

LOOKING TO BUILD BUT NEED LAND? Barnwood Conservancy is Miller Marriott's newest development in the Village of Lisbon, complete with walking trails that connect to nearby neighborhoods, close to Lisbon Community Park, Ironwood Golf Course, recreational biking trails & so much more!

If you've been considering purchasing land and building with Miller Marriott, now is the perfect time to walk the land with someone on our team! We're here to help make suggestions that work best for you & your family. Next spring will be here before we know it, and new construction tends to pick up after a long Wisconsin winter. For a current price list or inquiries, please visit our website.


“To me there is no place like home for the holidays. Growing up, the phrase ‘Less is More’ stuck with me and it truly reflects the way I decorate for Christmas. There is something special about curling up on the couch with a fluffy warm blanket and adding fresh cedar garland around a doorway or mantel to make your home feel cozy. I love mixing textures and patterns but I keep the colors neutral because I’m a minimalist girl at heart.” - Katie McBain

“My favorite holiday decorations seem to always be the ones plucked from nature like fresh garland, pine cones, and pheasant feathers. Mixing these with brasses and pewters, plaid, and twinkling lights always creates such a classic, cozy feeling. Add a little Andy Williams Christmas music and it feels like Christmas past.” - Sara Hall


The Bayview Bungalow will be a beautiful spec home that you'll have to wait in anticipation to see! It's a great way to walk through a Miller Marriott home and see our build & construction standards.

4 BR | 2.5 BA | 3 CAR GARAGE | 2920 SQ FT Located in Lisbon, WI

The Seagrove will be our 2021 model home located in Barnwood Conservancy in Lisbon, WI that we're so excited to show off! This will be a very unique farmhouse style home.

4 BR | 2.5 BA | 3 CAR GARAGE | 3000 SQ FT Located in Lisbon, WI


Article Contributed By Advanced Windows | “Moisture Problems in Houses” Canadian Building Digest (article number CBD-231)

UNDERSTANDING CONDENSATION | Condensation occurs anytime warm, moist air contacts a surface that is colder than the air’s dewpoint temperature. At dewpoint, the air is completely saturated—it is holding all the moisture it can hold for that temperature (the relative humidity is 100 percent). If the temperature of a surface falls below dewpoint the excess moisture will condense as dew or frost. Window condensation is common in the wintertime, as warm, relatively moist air contacts the cold surface of the glass, much like the moisture that forms on a beverage can taken out of the refrigerator. Thus, moisture problems depend on temperature and relative humidity. The tighter a home is, the more likely it is that humidity generated inside will remain inside and cause problems—unless the home is properly ventilated. But even if moisture levels stay constant, condensation can occur if surfaces get very cold, as they often do in the depths of January nights. Finally, adding moisture to the air will raise indoor humidity levels and make condensation more likely. Air movement also influences moisture problems. In the winter, the warm air inside the house has a natural tendency to rise. Warm, moist air leaves the house through the attic or the upper story and is replaced by dry, cold air pulled in through the lower level. This is called the stack effect. The stack effect causes moisture problems to be most pronounced in the upper stories of a house. For example, the windows on the lower level may be clear while the second story windows are frosted over.


Deal with obvious sources of moisture:

  • Repair plumbing leaks
  • Fix leaky roofs
  • Ensure that gutters are properly drained away from the house
  • Install a sump pump if the water table is high
  • Ensure that ductwork in a damp basement or crawl space is properly sealed—especially the ducts that return cold air to the furnace.

Ventilate areas where moisture is produced:

  • Use the exhaust fan when cooking
  • Use bathroom fans while showering and allow them to run for 20 to 30 minutes after showering (installing a timer will make this easier)
  • Make sure your bath and kitchen fans exhaust outside the house
  • Make sure your furnace, clothes dryer, gas fireplace and water heater properly vent to the outside and don’t spill exhaust back into the house (which is a serious safety issue as well)

...Be a savvy homeowner when it comes to moisture. Some wintertime condensation on windows is normal, even in an efficient well-ventilated home.

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PREPARING YOUR HOME FOR WINTER: Ice Dam Preventative Care by Miller Marriott

Icicles hanging along the eaves of your house may look beautiful, but they spell trouble. That's because the same conditions that allow icicles to form — snow-covered roofs and freezing weather — also lead to ice dams: thick ridges of solid ice that build up along the eaves. Dams can tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up and pour into your house. When that happens, the results aren't pretty: peeling paint, warped floors, stained and sagging ceilings. Not to mention soggy insulation in the attic, which loses R-value and becomes a magnet for mold and mildew.

Life of an ice dam: Here's a breakdown of the conditions that lead to the formation of ice dams. First, heat collects in the attic and warms the roof, except at the eaves. Next, snow melts on the warm roof and then freezes on the cold eaves. Finally, ice accumulates along the eaves, forming a dam. Meltwater from the warm roof backs up behind it, flows under the shingles, and into the house.

Fast fixes for ice dams: Blow in cold air, rake it, or deice it - hacking away at ice dams with a hammer, chisel, or shovel is bad for your roofing and dangerous for you. And throwing salt on them will do more to harm to your plantings than to the ice. Short of praying for warm weather, here are stop-gap measures we recommend.

Take a box fan into the attic and aim it at the underside of the roof where water is actively leaking in. This targeted dose of cold air will freeze the water in its tracks. You'll stop the leak in a matter of minutes, another option is to pull off snow with a long-handled aluminum roof rake while you stand safely on the ground. A rake with wheels will instantly change the exterior temperature of your roof without damaging shingles.

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