Elisha and the Shunammite Son by Emma and skyler

One day when Elisha went to Shumen, he stayed with a rich woman and her husband. Every time that Elisha visited Shumen he stayed with that woman. So one day, the woman said to her husband, "We need to create a room for this man of God on the roof so he may stay here." So they did.
Because of what the woman and her husband had done for him, Elisha asked them for what they wanted. Gehazi told Elisha that the couple had no children and so Elisha told them that in one year they would have a son.
One day when the boy had grown he went out into the fields with his father. When he suddenly began crying "My head! My head!" So his father told his servant to carry him to his mother.
The servant brought back the boy to his mother as the boy's father had commanded him, and gave him to his mother.
After the servant had brought the boy to his mother, the boy sat on her lap until noon and then he died. And the woman said to her husband, "I will go up and find the man of God and then come back again." So she and her servant headed for the Mount Caramel where Elisha was.
And when the woman came to Elisha she caught hold of his feet and asked him to heal her son.
Elisha told Gehazi to take his staff and his cloak and run to the woman's son without saying hello to anyone or stopping and lay the staff upon the son.
Gehazi did as Elisha told him, but when he lay the staff on the boy's head, nothing happened. So he ran back to tell Elisha that it didn't work, so this time Elisha went to the woman's house.
Elisha went to the woman's house and stretched himself over the boy. And he prayed to the LORD.
And the boy was raised and Elisha called his mother and she kissed his feet and took her son and went out.

Like the Shunmmite woman we should "run to the throne". We need to take all of our troubles to God. We shouldn't complain because no matter what happens to us or what we do "All is Well" because with Jesus all is well.

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