Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile Ariana Roosen

Event Location and date 2010-02-27 6:34 Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile

Magnitude: 8.8

Depth: 22.9 km

Map of recent earthquakes in the region:

Map of tectonic setting:

Summary of Plate margin including the speed of both plates at the margin


In the first picture it shows body waves which are the S and P waves. It shows the waves at different times and locations. The data is shown in black and the synthetic seismographs are in red. The number at the end is the peak amplitude. Also shows the azimuth and epicentral distance. A graph like this with 2 colors shows the relative weighting of the waveforms.

The second graph shows the tsunami part of the destruction and how tall the wave had gotten in minutes and seconds and hours. Lasted 12 or more hours after the initial earthquake happened striking the pacific coastline between California and most of Alaska.

Other technical info: The trench increased to 300 km depth towards the east as the Nazca plate dives deeper beneath the south american plate.

The rupture extended over 500 km along the length of the fault, and from the Earth’s surface to depths of over 50 km.

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