Washington State University Pesticide Policy Module 3: Experimental Use Pesticides

Welcome to the third and final online training module designed to educate you about your responsibilities and liabilities under the Washington State University Pesticide Policy. All WSU employees must adhere to these policies, and ensure they are following them accordingly. In the entire training (all three modules), there is about thirty-three minutes worth of video content to review the policy, and how it relates to work in both Organic Systems and Experimental Use Pesticides.

Washington State Pest Management Resource Service website where further information about the Pesticide Policy can be found in the WSU BPPM.

Let's finish the training with Module 3: Experimental Use Pesticides. The resources on this page will cover rules and regulations related to work with EUP’s. It will also provide you with additional resources, one of them being Dr. Catherine Daniels, Pesticide Coordinator, from the Washington State Pest Management Resource Service (WSPRS), in case you may have further questions regarding your work with pesticides.

Experimental Use Pesticides (A) Video (3:50)

Experimental Use Pesticides (B) Video (6:30)

Provide a copy to WSDA and share with the WSPRS office as well.

Experimental Use Pesticides (C) Video (4:00)