Domain Eukarya classification and taxonomy

kingdom animalia

All animals are heterotrophs

Some animals are domesticated

Most animals live in water

they are all multicelluar

If a starfish breaks a leg off, a new leg will grow back

mushrooms are the most common fungi

mold is a type of fungi

zygomycota lives in dead animals, there are over 100 species

fungi have flagella that help them move in an organism

blastocladiomycota was recently recognized as a fungi

plants reproduce asexually

all plants are in the kingdom plantae

the venus fly trap makes it's own food and also gets it without trying

the pitcher plant is a dangerous plant,inside it has acid inside of the "pitcher" to kill prey

Protista is considered the"junk drawer " of the kingdoms

algae mostly grows where there is water

most protists are microscopic


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