Alligators by: lailah mitchell

Alligators are carnivores and only eat only meat here are some specific things that it eats to survive fish, mollusk, birds, small mammals and other reptiles to survive. The alligator's unusual eating habit is that they hold there food. Alligators are reptiles. Alligator's are grayish green color and average 8.2 feet long. They weigh 1,000 pounds. Did you know that alligators have a bumpy skin texture? My animals family members are chameleons, crocodiles, and ghari's kill medium sized prey by dragging down the prey into the water to drown.

One of the places alligator's live is in southern Florida. That is the only place alligator's live side by side with crocodiles. Alligator's need food, sunlight, and shade to live. Alligator's live in these types of homes for protection from the environment rain forest, on prairies, deserts, and in the oceans. Alligator's live with others.

My alligator protects itself because it has sharp claws, strong tails and enormous powerful set of jaws with conical teeth. An alligator's natural enemy is another alligator. Another alligator enemy is a human. Alligator's protect itself from its enemy with there jaws that are very powerful jaws.

Here are 5 interesting facts about alligators. Alligator's have been living on earth for millions of years. Alligator's were first harvested in Louisiana in great numbers in the early 1800’s. Alligators are cold-blooded and have a powerful bite. Lastly, there are two different species of an alligator, the american alligator & the chines alligator.

This is what alligators eat.


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