Want to be a hero to your members and help them keep their games sharp? And maybe make a little extra scratch on the side?


In these troubled times of social distancing, facility closures, and economic downturns, we realize that in the golf industry, the PGA professional is bearing the brunt of the situation as your income streams have greatly decreased or have stopped. We'd like to offer some potential solutions that will enable you to make your members happy and create a new revenue stream for you that can continue even after this crisis.

Custom Sim for Clemson Football Locker Room

Although we have been exclusively custom golf simulator manufacturers for the past seven years, drastic times require innovation and creativity. Therefore, have put together some cost effective solutions for your members that should not be a tough sell given the current circumstances. And for every member you refer to us, if we close a deal with them, we will pay you a 10% commission on the total purchase price. This could mean as much as $500-$600 for each sale

Remote Online Teaching

Rethink your programs

Remote online instruction has been around for quite a while now, but the costs have been prohibitive except for a wealthy few. We want to show you how you can retool your instructional revenue stream with some very cost effective tools you can implement immediately. TIU, Flightscope, Blast, and Swinguru systems all have video recording, markup, and cloud based sharing capabilities to help make remote instruction with any of your members fast, easy, and understandable. And we have some exclusive deals with all these systems that can help you get back in control of your income streams.

Help your members during social distancing

Although our partners are calling us crazy, we have a deal you can't beat anywhere!! With the purchase of a "MiniSim in a Box" in the month of April and May, we will give the purchaser 100% credit of the MiniSim purchase price towards the purchase of a custom golf simulator (or upgrade of an existing simulator) if installed within one year of the original purchase. That's right, a cost effective way to stay sharp in the privacy of your own home during these tough times, but when things settle down, get a credit towards a custom sim as long as its installed within one year of original purchase!

With complete game improvement systems starting as low as $1,449, we can design a system that will meet your budget, needs and available space. While we do have existing inventory to enable us to tailor a system to your specific needs, these are limited time offers while supplies last.

Shipping Update 4/22/20

We have a limited number of Flightscope launch monitors available as of today and expect them to be gone by the end of the month. New orders on all launch monitors will have a 6-10 week lead-time (depending on make/model) and will be distributed on a FIFO (first in first out) basis depending on when your order is received. While we’re doing everything we can to expedite we cannot guarantee delivery times until an order is placed.

Practice every shot from the comfort of your own indoor space

Here's a curated selection of golf training and entertainment aids that are cost effective and user installable. We will be adding to this list weekly, so check back often for some great deals.

We have putting turf in stock and can design whatever you need to improve your short game!
Just a few of the curated products that make up our cost effective entertainment solutions that we are offering on a limited time basis

All of the products listed can be used to build a very cost effective golf improvement and practice system for the home or garage. While we are still manufacturing custom high end golf entertainment systems, we feel that this is the perfect time to offer more cost effective solutions to keep your game sharp AND practice distancing during the current health crisis and beyond.

We are practicing suggested health protocols with regard to making sure that your purchases are safe and arrive with proper handling and sanitation. Inventoried products will be sanitized and shrink wrapped prior to being packed in a master container that will also be treated in a similar manner.

Click the here and email our sales department with your name, email, and phone, we'll get a customized quote from which you can select the configuration that best fits your budget, space and needs.

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Photos courtesy of Flightscope, Rapsodo, Blast Motion, and TIU.