Vikings: The Civilized Barbarians by: Lizzy Adell


The Vikings began as a widespread European settlement during the middle ages. They originated from places in the Scandinavian Peninsula, such as, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

One benefit of the Scandinavian Peninsula was the premium farmland which resulted in a growing population. The North Sea was a vital territory that allowed the Vikings to use their strategic battle tactics to carry out raids.

With the use of boats the Vikings raided and took a hold of Britain, Ireland, continental Europe, and explored the east coast of North America.

Although Rome was not the Vikings priority, trading with Vikings could be very valuable for Romans in need, due to their supreme access to water.


At the start, the Vikings believed in several Gods, they were Pagans, but for majority of their reign Christianity was practiced.

The Norsemen targeted churches since they carried a lot of wealth and had little protection. The Vikings were usually the ones other people were praying to God to save them from. One citizen cried, "God deliver us from the fury of the Northmen." (quote from article given in class).

The importance of Viking religion in terms of Roman culture is that Vikings were some of the first to accept Christianity, a trait in which most Romans needed to survive at this time period.


As a whole, the Vikings benefited from advanced technology. Their advanced boats allowed them to attack without warning and the boats carried many men which helped them win battles.

The above picture shows how boats were used in battle.

Viking boat knowledge would eventually help Romans fight and win oversea battles. Better technology is critical in a time period where countries begin to advance.


Vikings were known for their clever and successful battle strategies. Their raids became effortless due to the widely known fear of people of their kind. They introduced never before seen tactics that could have been very beneficial to Romans in need of new battle strategies during this time period.

Here is one example of how boats were a successful military advancement.


Vikings valued precious metals and riches however they had no understanding of currency, the weight of the precious metals is what mattered. The Romans may have paid Vikings in these precious metals in hopes of lessening their chances of being raided.


"Það er upphaf á sögu þessari að Hákon konungur Aðalsteinsfóstri réð fyrir Noregi og var þetta á ofanverðum hans dögum. Þorkell hét maður; hann var kallaður skerauki; hann bjó í Súrnadal og var hersir að nafnbót. Hann átti sér konu er Ísgerður hét og sonu þrjá barna; hét einn Ari, annar Gísli, þriðji Þorbjörn, hann var þeirra yngstur, og uxu allir upp heima þar." Icelandic sagas were written about the nobel Viking kings. Romans also valued the higher class during these time periodsand recorded events such as the ones above.

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