Alexander the Great BY: angelina Lopez

Alexander the Great was a young warrior that began his legacy at a very young age. Alexander was a part of the Argead dynasty and was born in Pella in 356 B.C. He was the son of Macedon Phillip ll. During his childhood he was raised by a nurse and during his youth he was taught by a philosopher by the name Aristotle until he was 16 years old. At the age of 20 he took over his fathers throne. Once he had a strong army he began the conquest to conquer Persia.

Phillip, Alexanders father conquered many Greek city-states but wanted to overthrow the Persian empire. Alexander wanted to help his father lead it and he got the chance to when Phillip was assassinated. Alexander took the army and went to war with Persia. There were many battles at Persia but Alexander finally broke all power that Persia had. He overthrew the Persian king and after that he continued campaigns for 10 years. After he invaded Persia he conquered India next. Then he defeated Tyre, conquered Egypt and many others.

Alexander wasn't satisfied with all the battles he won so he decided to branch out further. But once he got too far he was stopped by his own army refusing to go any further and he turned back. When he returned to Persia he married his second wife and told all his officers to marry Persian women. A lot of the men didn't quite agree with him.

After many, many battles Alexander himself suffered severe wounds. Him and his army headed back to enjoy a huge feast and celebrate there victories when Alexander became very ill. He died a couple days after that day of feasting and celebrating. How he died is unknown but after his death some empires started to fall apart.

Some empires fell apart after he died but others that didn't fall apart right away eventually did after about 10-20 years. Alexanders legacy is still here today and many histrorians and other people admire how great he was. He spread new Greek ideas, conquered the biggest armies ever and won, and was a strong, brave leader. Many people think that because he was cocky he doesn't deserve to be called great. Well I believe he does because of everything he accomplished at such a young age.

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