North/South Cookout To help feed the homeless

Explanation of Event

This event is between two very separate groups in America today. The northerners and the southerners, their lifestyles and how far away they are from each other has caused a very noticeable difference between the two. So along with bringing the two groups together, they will be coming together for a good cause, having a cookout, to feed the homeless. They’ll be coming together, bringing two almost completely different different kind of people, working with each other to Help a problem in today.

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How They Are Different

The two groups that we are bringing together are the northerners and the southerners. They are groups that are obviously completely different. Northerners are more quiet and reserved, they also have different kind of foods they cook. Southerners on the other hand are very loud and they also have different foods and we think bringing the two together will help provide more.


feeding the homeless, letting the 2 different types of groups gather around, talk, and have a good time doing a good cause.

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Explanation of the Challenges

When there is diversity as in the north (Yankees) and the south (Rebels) there would be different opinions upon the group. People would disagree with other people since there are more opinions being spread.


Diversity Explained

When dealing with group work, tests have said that diversity of the people in the group has caused better results. For example, sociologists ran several tests in which there was a simple problem and the groups with more diverse backgrounds did better. This is because the less diverse group thought that they would think more alike due to more alike social backgrounds, while the more diverse group were more specific to each other and more open to new ideas. This overall resulted in a more productive workforce.

To have a more diverse group, has many positive benefits. With people that are diverse, means that everyone is different, and has had different experiences, so they would be more experienced than others, but that is a good thing, because where others are weak, they could be strong. So it is like putting a puzzle piece together. Where one piece has a hole, the other has an extra piece that will fit perfectly. So with diversity, can turn into amazing teamwork skills and improvements.

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