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Have you ever doubted whether you're getting full value or fair representation for your telecom budget? We can help provide some crucial peace of mind. MyBillsareHigh Inc. represents your interests against all the major telecom providers to negotiate savings on Wireless, Landline, Internet and Cable services. What sets us apart, is our focus on negotiation, honed from 1000s of hours dealing directly with the providers. We are eager to demonstrate how we can be a powerful advocate for your organization.

Here's our pitch!

You are paying too much for your cellphones, and you probably know it. Despite being system critical, most companies find it difficult to effectively manage their telecom services. Further, dealing with customer service is often an exercise in frustration, and an inefficient use of your time, even for the most basic of inquiries. Each passing bill cycle represents a lost opportunity to recapture savings that are better served elsewhere in your budgets.

Our secret sauce!

  1. Free Advice: Honest, we don't bite! We are always happy to take your call and learn about your situation. If you like what you hear, you may consider our free, no-obligation bill analysis.
  2. Experience: Without a doubt, our experience provides us a competitive advantage in negotiation. We've negotiated 1000s of contracts, and saved clients over $7 million since 2008. On average, we expect to secure savings of 20-30% on current rates.
  3. Speed: We can prioritize your account, and often make changes in as quick as a week. If you have ever put off calling in because of time demands of your real job, maybe we could help.
  4. Competative Rates: Our fees are always only a percentage of savings, and surprisingly better than you might think. Bottom line: if you don't save, you don't pay.

MyBillsareHigh Inc is uniquely positioned to provide confidence that your are getting the most out of your telecom budget. All this with limited demands on your time, no long term contracts, no proprietary software, and no problem...we've got this!

Let us be your budget hero this year!

Our Guarantee

To provide a free, no-obligation assessment in which we identify upfront, in writing, what our firm expects to save your organization. To repeat, there is simply no risk to finding out what your business could save. Further, if we win your business, we will never request payment until savings have been confirmed on your statements. We are confident that no one will work harder to save you money. Talk about a win-win relationship that actually makes sense.

Why hire mybillsarehigh?

...because corporate agents have an inherent conflict of interest. They are not dedicated account managers, as their core obligation is to increase revenue. MyBillsareHigh Inc. is unaffiliated with any provider, and therefore, solely focused on securing your business the best rates with your current provider. And, we do this without affecting any of your existing relationships, but rather complimenting them with the ultimate goal of saving your organization money.

just the facts!

  • Our core focus is negotiation, finding you the best rates with your current provider. We are unaffiliated, do not sell rebranded services, or TEM software.
  • We have saved clients over $7 million since 2008. On average, we save clients 20-30% on their current rates.
  • Over 30 years combined experience in managing accounts. We have negotiated 1000s of contracts and spent 1000s of hours speaking directly with customer service.
  • No long term service contracts. Rather, we seek to earn your trust with free advice, and our no obligation audit.
  • Surprisingly competative rates. Our fees are always only a percentage of savings. Plus, you never pay until your savings are first confirmed on your statements.
  • We prioritize your case and act immediately on your behalf. Why wait another bill cycle?

We're getting recognized!

MyBillsareHigh featured as trusted expert on the February 12th Episode of CBC Marketplace

Hired by Ellen Roseman, Consumer Advocate for the Toronto Star

"It’s nice to find a company that is on your side and is willing to fight the carriers on a consumer’s behalf,” Weisleder said. “He found me substantial savings, after analyzing my own usage and being aware of plans and discounts that are not widely publicized.”

Saved Pioneer Food Services 60% on their telecom expenses.

"Pioneer Food Services Limited is proud to recommend our business partner,, as a result of their excellent performance in providing telecom management expense solutions to the company."

Goodwill Great Lakes rewarded for bold action

"To our surprise and amazement, your firm managed to save us over $45,000.00 with Bell over the next 3 years...But I can't overlook the added-value of your services...avoiding the aggravation and lost productivity of having to deal with the big three telecom providers personally."

Contact us:

Please feel free to email Mike Yungwirth, or call directly at your convenience, to help us learn more about your organization and how our services may offer a distinctive advantage to your bottom line.

Mike Yungwirth

MyBillsareHigh Referral Partner

Cell: (587) 351.0936

Fax: 1-888-635-7242

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