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Don't Miss Your Chance to Join Us in Baltimore!

The 2017 National Village Gathering is an exciting opportunity to connect with your peers from across the country and learn of innovations happening throughout the Village Movement. There are already 250 attendees registered, so be sure to secure your spot before prices go up and space is full! Early bird pricing ends on July 31st and group rates for groups of 4 or more will no longer be available. Click here to register today. Plus, have you heard that we have a special room block reserved at the conference hotel, the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor? Our block of rooms for $199/night is also filling up quickly. Don't miss your opportunity for amazing views and to stay right where all of the action is all at discounted rates. Click here to make your reservation today!

For our 2017 NVG, our planning committee decided to include a special track to focus on technology and weave this as a theme throughout the conference. We'll be kicking this off with one of our very first general sessions: "The Digital Evolution: Empowering You and Your Village." In this discussion, our speakers will discuss how our Villages can best benefit from the technology in our world today while also recognizing the mix of our Village's needs. They will also touch on how can we use technology to maintain health and achieve healthy longevity. In our tech breakout sessions, we will have hands on workshops on creating social media profiles and marketing for your Village. We will also be hearing from different software solutions that Villages use to keep them running smoothly. Click here to visit the conference page to check out the full agenda and session descriptions.

Thanks to our 2017 NVG Sponsors!

10 Apps to Help Older Adults Stay Connected to Family and Life

Keeping with one of our themes for the National Village Gathering, we'd like to give you a taste of what will be covered. Now more than ever, more older adults are using their smartphones to connect them to their families, friends, doctors, pharmacies, etc. Americans age 50 and up are quickly catching up to younger smartphone users. There are many apps to help older adults with meals, remembering medicine, remembering to drink water, connecting with friends and family far away, etc. Click Here to see 10 apps that can help older adults in daily life!

Village Anniversaries!

The following Villages have a Village Anniversary in July. Happy Anniversary Villages!

  • Ashby Village- 7 years
  • ChaiVillageLA- 1 year
  • Sequoia Village- 2 years
  • At Home Chesapeake- 9 years
  • Ashland At Home- 5 years
  • South Whidbey at Home- 1 year
  • Union County Neighbor to Neighbor- 1 year


Village to Village Network: Supporting Villages and Village Supported

The Village to Village Network provides leadership, education, mentoring, and technical support nationally to more than 230 open Villages and an additional 130+ Villages that are somewhere in the development phase. Our movement continues to grow with the support, knowledge and expertise of all of our member Villages, staff and board of directors. Over the past year, we have grown not only our Network members and open and developing Villages, but also our staff. We are now up to two full-time and one part-time staff with the addition of a Communications Manager in mid-2016. We’ve been able to maintain our expenses while increasing our workloads and the benefits provided. Our budget to administer and provide all of the resources we offer is $342,000 for 2017. Our operating budget is derived from membership dues (30%), the National Village Gathering – which is also our biggest expense (30%), and other donations and small grants (40%).

VtV Network continues to offer and manage resources such as:

  • Village Document Library containing 500+ samples of materials, including business plans, budget information, membership applications and much more.
  • Active Discussion Forums that provide easy access for Villages to ask questions and share advice.
  • Village 101 Toolkit, which is a step-by-step guide to starting a Village and links to dozens of helpful documents and resources.
  • Monthly calls and webinars to learn about topics, products and procedures that are useful for starting and operating your Village.
  • Organizing the National Village Gathering for 300+ attendees.
  • Village Map, which helps people find your Village and allow your Village control over profile information.
  • Membership Directory with contact information for other Villages.
  • Expert advice from the Network.
  • Speaking on behalf of Villages; spreading the word about the Village Movement.

In addition to those listed above we have added or will be adding the following benefits in 2016 and 2017:

  • Two new monthly Technology calls, including one series created specifically for Village members.
  • A more formalized mentoring program for both developing and existing Villages. We have a growing pool of mentors ready to help you with anything you need. We matched 22 mentor pairs in 2016 and will have many more in place this year.
  • We have a newly updated website that is easier to access and provides more information.
  • We’re growing our social media presence to spread the word of all Villages across Facebook and Twitter.
  • Formed a dedicated volunteer team to work on growing and expanding our strategic partnerships to benefit the Village Movement.
  • Individual Google Ads, which could drive potential members to your website.

Over the next 2-3 years we expect to:

  • Continue growing all our strategic partnerships.
  • Create larger marketing and publicity campaigns to bring more awareness to all Villages and the Village Movement.
  • Provide more support to growing regional Village groups.
  • Put more resources into diversifying the Village Movement.
  • Re-implement our Village Business Sustainability Grant program.

Our two-and-a-half staff members, along with support from our board, maintain all of the resources and the 300+ memberships that represent more than 2,400 total Village to Village Network members across the country. Membership dues fall short of covering all of the Network’s operating cost. We close the gap with small grants, support from conference sponsors, donations from VtVN board members and other community supporters who believe in our work, which is why in the past few years and at past gatherings we have asked for additional Village or personal donations. We are grateful for all of the various support we receive and look forward to the future of the Village Movement.

We hope that as we move into the second half of this year you will continue to spread word of Villages nationally, as well as the importance of the Village to Village Network. We hope your Village or you as an individual will consider making a donation to help us fill our funding gap for 2017 and push us forward into a successful 2018.

If your Village is a member of VtV Network, make sure you don't miss out on this celebratory event! Click here for more information


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