Dawson Forga's Goals

1 Year Goals

Make it on the varsity baseball team.

I can accomplish this by working REALLY hard on my skills. I have to be successful on the JV level before I get called up so I got to be productive down there.

Getting A's and B's This Final Semester

Getting these grades are easy in most classes so I just have to get A's in the classes I got a B in and for the one class I had a C in, I will turn that into a B.

Getting My Drivers Permit/Drivers License

I was able to get my permit almost a year ago but I decided to hold off on it because of finals and baseball. Then, I got lazy with it and didn't have the drive for it. Now my goal is to get it before my momma's birthday.

Getting Out Of The House

Most of the time I just hang out in my house and never leave the place. My goal is to get out of it every now and then. I can do this by getting better grades.

3 Year Goals

Get Accepted into Community College or University

These will be easy if I perform better on my grades in baseball. My grades and baseball skills could attract scholarships that will get me to that university.

Graduate High School With A 3.5 GPA

If I follow my 1 year goal for the rest of high school, my GPA will then determine where I go in my life.

Having Friends To Stay In Touch With

At the moment, I don't really have any friends so my goal is to have some by the time high school is over because I don't want to go into college as a lonely soul. If I do what I intend to do in my 1 year goal, I will have those friends to stay in touch with.

Having A "Nice" Car

What I mean by "nice" is a car the I love but a piece of junk. All I have to do is stick to getting better grades and saving all my money then the "nice" car will come rolling in.

5 Year Goals

Finish Up College

Hopefully, I will be in a major university finishing up my junior year. I would have already gone through community college which will save me money.

Have Enough Money

If I go to community college, it will save me thousands of dollars. Hopefully, saving those thousands of dollars will put me on the right track to starting my life off on the right foot.

Meeting New People

At the moment I don't really have any friends so I pray that going through college I'll have some life long friends to go along with.

Move Out of The House

By now, I don't want to be living with my parent anymore. Also, I'd much rather be alone than with other people. This can happen by either getting a full ride scholarship or moving in with a buddy.

10 Year Goals

A Job That Pays The Bills

All I really need is a roof, running water, and A/C to pay for. I want to major in businesses and save up enough to afford an apartment.

Purchase An Apartment

I would like to live alone and not have anyone else to pay for other than me. I can do this by following the job goal

Start Saving For Retierment

The reason why I would like to be alone is that I want to have enough money when I retire so that I can go places most people can't dream about going.

Giving Back

Along the way, I want to be able to have the money where I can go and give back to the unlucky few in the city I am living in. They are the ones that need it more than I can because I can't fathom what it would be like being homeless.


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