Medical Detectives By: AnDY GALVAN


Unlike normal cells a cancer cell does not wait until the nucleus tells it to multiply instead it multiplies when even it what's to. When the tumor is formed it sends signals to the blood vessels to connect to it and give it food. When this process is taking place the tumor, a bunch of cells that multiply to fast, will send a caner cell thought the blood vessels and in to the blood steam which is all around your body. Once in a save place the cancer cell will reproduce and form a tumor and the process will continue. There are only two treatments to caner and they are chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

  1. When working hard your heart needs to work harder to get the blood to flow all over your body
  2. Your veins carry blood to your heart and your arteries carry blood away from your heart
  3. The heart is about the same size as a human fist.

Taste, Smell, and Touch

Taste, Smell, and Touch are the most important senses we have. Here are some facts for each of these senses. Taste: most taste buds are located on the sides, bottom, and the top of the tongue. Smell: When you smell something for to long your olfactory fatigue get tired of the smell so you don't smell it any more. Touch: touch receptors are found mostly on the lip, tongue, and fingertips.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Insulin is like a key to open the cell so the glucose can go inside the cell and be used as energy
  2. Type I diabetes is often called juvenile diabetes because it is common in children
  3. Being overweight can increase the risk for diabetes because there may be too much sugar in your body.

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