Internet Scams

Click bait like this is all over the internet. But are they real? Pretty much never. They are used to bring you to scams. Scams hurt.

Scams are when people take your money illegally. You are trying to buy something, they take your money, and don't send the item is an example.

Like this graph shows, the close we get to later years, the more complaints about internet scams are present, meaning for scams are happening.

Not a real picture of Nicole

In 2012 a woman named Nicole was given the message that she received a holiday prize. She immediately clicked yes and was in the way to scam town.

She was on a long phone call with the 'manager' of the business and was told she had to pay $680 to $350, but $1000 if she hung up.

Eventually, she reluctantly gave away $350, stressed, and never got the money back.

Overall, internet fraud is illegal, and of course, should not be participated in. If something says free, don't click, ignore it.

Learn to ignore online scams and stay safe.

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