Book Review A Creative Church: The arts and a century of renewal

This is a book review over A Creative Church: The Arts and a Century of Renewal by Todd Smith. There are a lot of topics in this book to talk about but I am going to talk about theology that is in the Church. Theology is a part of the Church world from the past and some of the theology is still in the Church of today. We need to have more knowledge of what Theology does in the Church before we jump any conclusions. Art in the Church varies from person to person because every person is different and we are not the same. Theology is part of the art that is in the Church.
The study of theology in the Church is different than the other parts of this book. The book has different chapters in it that talks about Music, Dance, and other things about art in the Church that happened in the past. “Jeremy Begbie’s work with the Initiative in Theology and the Arts represents a growing trend to offer educational opportunities for those interested in the intersection of theology, the arts, and practice” (Smith, 120). Theology and the arts is two different topics but they sometimes go together in some areas but it depends on the persons point of view. “Through the offering of Fuller Theological Seminary, the center empowers and equips a new generation of artists and church leaders to effectively integrate worship, theology, and the arts in order to enrich the encounter with God and the world” (Smith, 122). The Fuller Theological Seminary is a conference for people that majored in theology and they talk about the new ideas that came in that year. The Fuller Theological Seminary helps people understand some of the ideas that goes on in theology and it makes them see the ideas in the Church much better than some of the other people that did not go to the Seminary and they do not see the ideas clearly enough in the Church. There are some other things that go with theology that includes the Church and the arts.
In theology, there is art in the Church. Smith said that “The purpose of the Master of Arts in Theology and the Arts at Wesley Theological Seminary is ‘[t]o provide a general theological degree blended with a certificate in the practice of arts ministry’” (124). It is kind of different to have two different degrees mixed together. According to Louis Weil and his book entitled A Theology of Worship: The New Church’s Teaching Series Volume Twelve, he says that “Christian theology reflects on the experience of actual Christians in the living of their faith” (55). I think that some Christian theology some of the Christians but not all of them because some of the Christians my not want to follow the Christian theology people and what they believe in. In the Church, there is more than art and that is theology.
There is theology in the Church. Even though there are different levels of Theology in the Church in the past, there are different kinds of Theology that will always be in the Church. According to Romanus Cessario and his book entitled Theology and Sanctity, he says that “The challenge for the Christian evangelist and theologian is to persuade people to consider this truth of creation when they engage in ethical issues” (130). Most people have different opinions about theology being in the Church and that is what makes us all different. Smith says that “A number of degrees have been developed to meet the growing educational demand in the field of theology and the arts” (120). The degrees that people have make them different than anybody else that are in this field of study but it is really the way you feel about theology, the arts, and the Church that really matters. It seems that theology will always be in the Church with the art that is in it.
For the conclusion of this Book Review is that Theology in the Church is different for almost every person and people sometimes do not agree on some of the things that go with Theology and the Church. There are different places around the world that have different Theology positions for either their Churches. There are different views for every Church that is around the world. Theology, art, and the Church are three different topics to talk about but it depends on the person if all three of these go together or they do not. Theology, art, and the Church have different views on these three parts and it depends on where the Church is located at and on how the people feel and act about these three things being in the same place. The Church is a place that we all feel different about and we need to think the same instead of being all different.

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