ANZAC Day 2018

25 April 2018

For more than a century Australians have contributed to the seemingly endless struggle against oppression and tyranny around the world. From the vast plains of South Africa to the jagged landscapes of Afghanistan, the muddy fields of Europe to the holy lands of the Middle East, the dry sands of North Africa and to the dense rainforests and grasslands of Asia.

In these near and far away lands lay future artists, inventors, doctors, nurses, writers, poets, school teachers, fathers, mothers, sons…..the seed of generations lost. Such bravery, unselfishness and self-sacrifice should never be forgotten.

As we honour the fallen, we thank those veterans still with us and the many Australian military personnel serving in theatres all around the world. Few can comprehend the unforgettable sights and sounds of war that, for some, echo long after their boots have left the battlefield. We wish battle weary men and women who come home still carrying a piece of the war with them to find peace and understanding.

To make a lasting contribution, please consider donating to the outstanding organisations that assists in the rehabilitation of wounded Australian soldiers and their families.

We will remember them.

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