What can WE do to end poverty?

Poverty is a PRESSING issue in the United States.

13.5% of people live in poverty, amounting to 43.1 million US citizens.

(US Census Bureau, 2015)

While here in San Francisco... there are not hundreds but THOUSANDS of people without homes.

(San Francisco Government, 2015)

While there is no foreseeable end to poverty, Kiva offers a place to start... a place where average citizens can make a difference.

My interview with Johnny Price (Senior Director of KIVA USA) brought me back to a more fundamental question. Why is it so hard for individuals to escape poverty?

His answer: "Social Capital."

...it is the people without capital who also lack social capital. With Kiva we are helping people without connections, without credit scores… to zero interest loans and a network of lenders who can support them in their ventures.”

Kiva funds entrepreneurs around the world following a simple equation.

  1. Choose a borrower.
  2. Make a loan.
  3. Get repaid.
  4. Repeat
"Kiva is based around the belief that dreams are universal, but opportunity is not.” Jonny Price

Yet my survey sampled SF residents and revealed a knowledge gap in San Francisco. 76% of participants having never heard about KIVA.

Results also showed an interest in investing - with 56.2% of respondents willing to give a $25 loan or more!

KIVA empowers entrepreneurs and works to fight poverty.

Help KIVA by spreading the word...

...and lending today.


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