BOOM to BUST By: Abrianna Wilson

Home Life in the 1920s

In the 1920's, life wasn't the same as the previous decades. Instead, it was different in the state of how people would gather around the radio and listen to the commentators speak as the little kids played. The twenties was a time of change that many wasn't proud of. Life was lived on a margin, tennagers wanting to become adults, for an example people and unemployment was at a constant rate.

After the Roaring Twenties

The families suffered after the 1920's because of the little rain fall they received, which impacted their lives in a negative way.

In the 1920s, life was a dramatic social and political change. The twenties was a time of change that many wasn't proud of. Some changes the occurred were life living on a margin, tennagers wanting to become adults. Little children would play as the father read a newspaper while he listened to the radio. In the 1920's picture, it describes how life was in the 1920's. As the 20's faded, the 30's came and it was one of the frighting decade just because of what occurred during the 20's. After the Roaring Twenties, there was a horrific downturn which caused "The Great Depression". The unemployment rate raised and many had to sell their homes or what ever they had owned in order to get money to survive. The farming children suffered many diseases due to the of lack of food and other nutrients. The farmer families tried to keep life as normal as possible. These families would devise strategies to adopt a lower standard of living. making ends meet involved cover-cutting, "making do" and keeping up appearances. To cut corners, clothing could be sewn at home. To make do, a pot roast could be stretched to last in several creative meals.

Leisure Time in the 20's

In the 1920's, some African Americans used their leisure time to create jazz while others would dance and listen to these catchy rhythms. Jazz later became popular later in the 1930's.

Leisure Time in the 30's

In the 1930's, jazz continued being popular and big band with swing music became African American's creation.

In the 1920's, there were many rebellious activity especially in the night after the prohibition act was established. There were many illegal speakeasies filled with sexy rhythms of Jazz music while people would dance all night. Africans American in the 1920's created a new style of music which ws called jazz. Jazz was influenced by the African Americans which slowly became popular in the the late 1920's through the 30's. African american's would express their feeling through music and that would be known as their fun time. In the 1930's, there was a new aspect which was the swing bands. these new styles of much is their leisure time. Despite all the struggles they have been through with the racism treatment and many other events that occurred in the Great Depression, these African Americans used these new styles of music to escape their problems in life. All in all, this was a continuity because the african Americans still used music as their elsie time ignorer to escape the problems occurring in their lives. These styles of music was played in the radio just like the fireside chats and soap operas.

Economics in the 1920's

In the 1920's, the crops failed and there was no food or money to receive.

Economics in the 1930's

In the 1930's, things had worsened, families didn't have money or food or any consumer goods and many went into depression.

In 1920's and the 1930's, there were similar struggles that the farmers suffered. The 1920's wasn't a continuity like the 1930's instead of changing into a positive solution the problem worsen. For an example, the farmers in the 1920's weren't successful because of the huge impact that he World war I made which had cause overproduction. The supply was more of it demand and wasn't healthy for the soil because the soil needs nutrients ignorer for the crops to grow. In the 1930's they problem had worsend that affected their way of life. The farmers had little rainfall which later impacted the crop which then caused crop failure. Farmers had experienced crop failure because of then fact that they had to plant hoping that they can make money to pay back their credits ignorer to survive. Unfortunately, the soil was fully regained with its nutrients, the soil turned into dust Eventually, the top soil turned into dust which caused an terrible Dust storm known, as the Dust Bowl. The picture above represent for provides ideas of what the thirties were like versus what the twenties were. In the 1920's they were deathly and everything kept constant. In contrast, the 30's was a downturn that the became the "Great Depression."

Government in the 1920's

The government rejected the farmers request for help and remained in trouble.

Government in the 1930's

FDR created the AA act known as the Agricultural Adjustment Act which helped the farmers gain better soil and crops.

In the 1920's the farmers had struggled and needed help rebuild their land in order to live. Unfortunately, the government decline the farmers request for help. In result, the farmers continued to be help less. In the 1930's the farmers were then noticed by the government with FDR becoming president. He established the Agricultural Adjustment Act known as the AAA that helped limit the over production and also help produce better inured rot survive and not suffer. Another plan was enacted which is the Civilian Conservation Corporation known as the CCC, which also helped the farmers by hiring people to plant trees, parks ignorer to preserve the areas which also helped with unemployment. This was all part of the New deal that he wanted to spread to the world to make them recover or get better from the "Great Depression". There was a big change because in the 1920's, the farmers didn't gain any support of the government ignorer to get better but in the 30'xs the were finally getting acknowledged by the government. In the end, the farmers benefited by the government's help and FDR saved their home an land form his "New Deal".

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