Feudalism By: Sarah Moss

What is Feudalism?

The social system in which people depended on each other for land and protection.

What is Manor?

A manor is an estate owned by wealthy lords

Who Lived on the Manor?

  • The King
  • knights
  • The nobleman
  • The serfs

Feudal Triangle

Feudal Triangle

How are the Society groups Interdependent?

They depend on each other by exchanging goods. The king gives the nobleman land and the nobleman become lords. The lord give the king knights and the knights fight so they can get food and shelter from the lords. The serfs work for the nobleman and knights.

How does the Fuedal System affect politics?

It affects politics because the government is a monarchy. The king is in charge of the government and he can tell everyone what to do. This means that different people can be treated differently even if they do the same wrong thing.

How does the Feudal System affect social structure?

It affects social structure because it affects how you are treated. If you are poor than you are treated differently than rich people. It is very hard to change your social class.

How does the feudal system affect the economy?

It affects the economy because if one part of the government fails then the whole economy collapses. If the serfs fail to do their job then people wouldn't have food. If the nights fail to do their job, the government might be invaded. Finally, if the King doesn't do his job then basically there wouldn't be an economy.

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