Junior's guide of life

Being different and expressing what you are can help you achieve your goals

Life Lessons

Never Give Up: Mr. P said. "You can't give up. You won't give up. You threw that book in my face Mr. P said. "You can't give up. You won't give up. You threw that book in my face because somewhere inside you refuse to give up."

Stand Up for Yourself: "Yeah, but you punched the alpha dog in the face," she said. "They're going to respect you now."

Help Others: "I was a poor kid raising money for other poor people."

People Are Really Just Animals: "Yes way! You see, you men and boys are like packs of wild dogs. This giant boy is the alpha male of the school, and you're the new dog, so he pushed you around a bit to see how tough you are."

Be Who You Are: "My name is Junior," I said. "And my name is Arnold. It's Junior and Arnold. I'm both." I felt like two different people inside of one body. No, I felt like a magician slicing myself in half, with Junior living on the north side of the Spokane River and Arnold living on the south. (8.72-8.74)

Have a Hobby: Arnold draws to express himself

Support Your Friend's Dreams: Arnold tells Rowdy he will play in the NBA and he also supports Penelope's dreams of travel and and being an architect

Follow Your Dreams: Junior leaves the Rez so he has a better chance of success in life

Never Give Up on Your Friends: Even though Rowdy said he hated Junior, he kept reaching out to try to maintain the friendship

Learn From Other People's Mistakes: Arnold promised himself he would never drink after his sister burned to death while drunk

Dear Spirit Walker (Arnold "Junior" Spirit) Hey I'm a 15 year old that came from the reservation I'm a sophomore at this new school and I'm very different from everyone I don't have any friends or know anyone at my new school. The reason I had to switch school because I had high test scores and I was a good athlete for basketball and soccer. My teachers recommended me to switch school because I would be able to have lots of opportunities that no other kid did in the reservation I was wondering if you can give an advice. Is it okay to be different? And what is the best approaching way to talk to someone and be their friend? Sincerely, worried kid.

Dear, worried kid Bing different is very good thing because it shows that no one in the world can be like you even if they try. One advice to make new friends is join the basketball and the soccer team because your teammates are going to turn into your friends or you can join a program were you get to help out others. If you follow my advice you will survive, I had the same problem but in a different situation were I had to beat someone because he was bullying me but I recommend not to do that to not have any problems. I was also helping out a friend earn money for the poor people and then I also join the basketball team and at the end my teammates became my friends. Take my advice and also show positive attitude to anyone enjoy your new school. Sincerely, Spirit Walker (Arnold "Junior" Spirit)

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