Proxy voting: strong together 16-12-2020

Together we have a seat at the table

Investment funds hold shares in a great many listed companies. All our funds – including our sustainable funds – give us a strong voice.

You can depend upon KBC Asset Management to represent your interests at the shareholders’ meetings of the companies in which your fund invests.

The influence that we are able to exert through our voting rights not only has a positive impact on the value of the companies, but also benefits their sustainability, We engage management in a dialogue and urge them to make socially responsible choices.

We vote objectively and consistently

KBC Asset Management has an internal committee which is responsible for coordinating the voting policy. The committee ensures that the policy is observed correctly and continues to meet your social expectations.

Voting takes place in accordance with strict rules, as described in the publicly available ‘Proxy Voting and Engagement Voting Guidelines’. You can consult this document on our KBC website.

We give a clear signal

Since the start of this year, we have made our voice heard loud and clear more than 300 times.

We have actively supported proposals to create shareholder value.

We encourage companies to formulate a policy that makes them sustainable and socially responsible players in their field.

We have voted against proposals that went against shareholder interests and the principles of good governance and corporate social responsibility. Specifically, we have voted more than 130 times against the (re-)election of directors and more than 60 times against a remuneration policy that went against the applicable rules.

Kenneth De Bruycker, SRI expert KBC Asset Management
"Together we are able to influence companies’ policy and have the strength to help shape the world in which we wish to live tomorrow. That has a much greater impact on society than anyone could achieve as an individual."

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