Be happy with who you are! Neena Markle's personal mission statement

I will be confident in who I am. I will not let others words effect me. I will treat others with love and respect. Making others smile and laugh instead of cry. I will travel the world and help as many people as I can. I will take adventures, living life to the fullest.
When I am taking time to myself, I will listen to music, think about life, and be thankful for what I have and where I am at today. I will let my family and friends know everyday that I love them. When I sing, I will sing my heart out. When I dance, I will dance until my feet go numb. When I laugh, I will laugh so hard until I cry even if the joke wasn't that funny. I will not take life for granted.
In order to be happy, you need to be content with where you are at in life right now. If you are not content, you will not be happy. You will wish for your whole life instead of being thankful for what you have at this very moment and realizing that someone in this world is wishing they had your life. I will not walk by someone who is in battling life alone, crying inside and thinking their presence is not important. I will encourage people and show them the truth.
In the future, I will become a veterinarian and help people’s animals get better. I will be a loving, helpful, honest, encouraging, respectful, trustworthy and communicative wife. I will be a mother that helps her children with their homework. Lifts their head up when they are crying. Hold and squeeze them when they fall off their bike, but also push them to keep trying. Protect them from any harm that may come their way, but prepare them for when they will have to fight the battles of life on their own. I will not let my family fall apart. I will work until my legs give out just to feed my family dinner.
In addition, I will never leave my friends. They will always know I am hear to listen and encourage them. I will never let them think they aren't loved. Family and friends are precious, and without them I couldn't have accomplished some of the things in my life and be the person I am today.
My mission in life is to not only survive but to thrive, and to do it with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
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Neena Markle


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