Normal By: Audrey williamson

Her crazy soft clothed headband hooked on her rack on the bathroom wall, says that she loves to be doing something with her hair out of her face and lets her feel free, the bright pale blue hat laying on her soft brown dresser fading every time she touches it, says that she likes her freckles but doesn't want to get more from the bright yellow sun, her worn out chacos placed peacefully with her other shoes on the dark brown wooden floor, shows that she loves to go outside with the hot heat beating down on her; she doesn't mind it though, by her sunscreen laying next to it, the bright pink rock glincing from the summer sun in a clear basket on the floor among the other unique rock, says that she likes to collect pretty things.

The photos on her board on the wall, dusty with sun, says that she she loves hanging out with people and family, and loves to remember the good times she had, a clear white object placed very neatly on her shelf planted in a glass square, showing a tower, says that she loves to travel and go to new places, and she of course gets souvenirs ever time she goes somewhere new, her light pink and blue journal, stacked with her other books on her shelf on the wall to hide her journal, says that she writes when something is wrong or when she's going through something, two girls jumping off a cliff ,showing excitement in their faces, this picture is located on her nightstand, says that she is a dare devil and that she likes to take risks and not hold back.

The worn out black shorts in her dresser, says that she loves summer and likes to cool off by wearing shorts, bug spray bright with color in her side backpack pocket, says that she loves to watch the stars at night, but doesn't like to get attacked by bugs, a beautiful picture next to her pale blue hat, white snow laying on the cold icy tip of a mountain like a soft blanket, says that she wants to live somewhere where there is mountains and snow, the green Christmas tree sparkling from the cold winter sunlight in the living room in front of the windows, says she loves the cold weather , and loves the holiday time; especially Christmas time, in the stack of her old clothes that don't fit her anymore lays her beloved sweatshirt with stains ,holes, and stitching coming off , says she had a lifetime with it and loved it deeply, her old denchy tennis shoes on the deep dark brown wooden floors , says that she wore them everywhere and likes to have a comfy pair of shoes to go adventure in.

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