Academic dishonesty By collin buelow


  • 75% of students reported cheating during enrollment
  • 95% of them where never caught
  • 50% of them didn't think cheating was wrong


  • Academic cheating is defined as representing someone else's work as your own
  • Cheating among high school students has risen dramatically during the past 50 years
  • In the past it was the struggling student who was more likely to cheat just to get by

Practices thought to be cheating

  • To study with students outside of class
  • Sharing notes before the exam
  • Discussing ideas about papers other people might be writing
  • Looking ad previous exams if they come your way

How to handle

  • Communicate cheating policies
  • Relate with your students
  • Teach students about plagiarism
  • Structure writing assignments
  • Take control of test

Works cited

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