Bennet Omalu By: Leland p. Walkling

Dr. Bennet Omalu was born in Nigeria in 1968. He also graduated from the university of Nigeria's medical school before continuing in the United States. After that he was admitted to federal government college in enugu at age 12. At age 15 he began medical school. Which he then earned his degree in 1990 that began his legacy as he interned at jos university hospital. In 1994 he attended at the university of Washington and continued at the university of Pittsburgh.

Where he attended college in 1994

In 2002 examination on steelers great mike webster that led to a break though. The great all mighty center who inducted in the hall of fame died from great signs of dementia. Dr. Bennet omalu took a look at him. Bennet discovered changes to the brain that shouldnt be discovered in a 50 year old man. Mikes brain didn't look normal at all. Bennet then figured out that he had brain damage due to football helmet to helmet hits which caused it.

Mike webster while he played on the steelers as their starting center

He believed that the NFL would embrace my major problem i found. Many of inside football people didn't wanna hear it. Dr. Bennet omalu did not understand it at 1st but then he said there are just things beyond him. The NFL wanted to keep it from people watching the sport but also playing the sport too.

National Football League

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