How to Survive WWI Trench Warfare By Tianna Bidelspach

Item 1: A Metal Helmet

Metal helmets were used to shield a persons head from shrapnel. If you didn't have the helmet, you could have serous damage to your head.

Item 2:Gas Helmet

Gas Helmet we the first version of the gas masks. The gas helmet would protect the wearer against chemicals. They also had gas masks for dogs and horses.

Item 3: First Field Dressing Pack

The First Field Dressing Pack was to do a quick patch up on a minor wound. In the pack, it would have two dressings in water proof covers each consisting of a gauge pad sticked to a bandage and a safety pin.

Item 4: Pocket Surgical Kit

The Pocket surgical kit was used to remove bullets on site. The kit in the picture was used by Major-General Patrick Henderson. He served in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Item 5: Vaccines

Vaccines were common amongst the soldiers to protect them against disease such as typhoid. The main army that used the disease was Great Britain.

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