The World Of Coding By:Nick Dakes


Have you ever experienced code before? In order to create a first grade math game, you must discover the magic behind code, programs that are available to code, and math standards in order to make the game appropriate for first graders.

GH Sub-topic #1: What Is Coding

The 1's and 0's in the background are called binary code.

Code has a lot of unique languages. It powers every day objects, and is very hard to program. You're probably wondering ‘what is code?, or ‘how does code work?. Code is a set of instructions or rules that objects or other things follow. It’s like learning a new and hard language. Code works by a programmer using languages of code and giving instructions to whatever the person is programming. Then whatever the person is programming follows the instructions and does not glitch. There are many languages of code. C, turbo, F#, and C++ are a few of them. Some languages are harder to program than others. All languages have a different purposes. For instance, Javascript is used to help upload websites. Some code powered objects are computer's, ipads, phones, ipods, and even everyday objects.The reason they work with code is so the object knows what to do. As you can see code powers everyday objects, has unique languages, and writes instructions.

GH Sub-topic #2: Scratch

Scratch is a coding friendly website that all ages use.

MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media made Scratch for lots of reasons, for example people can enjoy the science of coding. Scratch’s purpose is to let people in the public all and all around the world explore code and to create their own games. Then people can be taught to learn to enjoy coding. Technically it was made for ages 8 - 16 but now teachers, scholars, and parents use Scratch. So kids explore, and adults test. Some things you can make on scratch are art, animations, stories, music, and games. People can explore the endless possibilities when they code whatever they want to code. Scratch can do amazing things, and can do more than make games, but cannot do everything.

GH Sub-topic #3: First Grade Math

First graders use easy worksheets to develop their minds for second grade.

First grade math can be a little challenging, but not with code! With code and math you can get a good visual, and can use helpful tools. One example of an expectation first graders need to learn is to add and subtract between 100. These expectations help first graders minds to develop for second grade. Code and math give a fun visual to learn math. This leads to first graders actually wanting to learn math. Some tools that first graders use for math are place value mats, and drag and drop shape pictures. This gives an even better visual and fun way to do math, even without code. When you explore math and code its really fun. Especially when it is in a game.

Now that you’ve discovered what code is, what Scratch does, and the expectations of first grade math you know the secrets of coding the perfect first grade math game.

Words To Know

1 glitch: To not follow a programmer's and instructions

This device is is tracking the mistake in the program. This is causing it to glitch.

For more facts try watching this video!

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