iPhone 7 By: MOAIZ JAVED

Hello everyone, today i will be going over the components of an iPhone 7. without a further a due lets begin. In electronics, your smartphone is created by transition metals (copper, silver, gold, titanium, and nickel) mostly used for wiring, components, and micro capacitors. Also used are Lathanides,(any of the series of fifteen metallic elements from lanthanum to lutetium in the periodic table),mostly used for the making of microphone,speakers , electrical connections and many more. anything mentioned until now is reusable and not that hazardous unless these are consumed which not as possible as it looks. All these metals are mostly mined in South Africa, mexico and many parts in Europe. They are very strong and can bring a very long life span with them.

iPhone 7 back plate

I know i am suppose to be talking about the case but the battery is also amazing. Unfortunately I was unable to find the image of the battery but i can let you know about it i know that it is a mixture of many elements (lithium, carbon, oxygen, cobalt, and aluminum), for the battery and in most phones lithium ions are used because they are really effective and more cheap than many other things once these are tested and approved they can be sold anywhere. lithium is very dangerous unlike the other elements and is hardly reused. The other elements are reused a lot and are not so hazardous in a side note if the lithium battery is exploded it will release a chemical which if inhaled can be dangerous.

A major component in the battery

Screens of many smart phones are made up of mostly group 13 and 14 elements, lanthanides and oxygen. Indium ,tin, and oxygen are used for the touch screen,to strengthen the screen, oxygen,potassium, silicon, and aluminum are used,for the color of the smartphone, many lanthanides are used as well as some yttrium. these elements just mentioned are not very hazardous and can be easily reused and are long lasting.

The highest usage rates for smartphones occur in the United Arab Emirates,with about 91% of phones being bought then second would be the USA. Usage wise the USA uses smartphones at least 18 out of 24 hours.

we have talked about the components and what it is made of lets actually get in to its pros and cos of having a smart phone I am only going list a few. Beyond simple voice calling, most smartphones support instant messaging across several popular programs, as well as email. Supported social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter can also be used to organize employees for company events and foster communication between departments. Many smartphones come with a wide number of tools that can greatly increase your productivity. Maps, calendars, comprehensive contact lists with detailed information -- all are readily available at your fingertips and often are capable of being synced with your computers and any information on them. Many smartphones also support turn-by-turn GPS directions to help you on course for business travel. As technology improves, new functions are added that increase the productivity capabilities of smartphones. Software engineering firms also see a boost in demand, leading to greater job creation this can help anyone be able to at least apply for a job.

safari on Iphone

SadlyThe cons: The downside to the productivity and communication tools that smartphones provide is that employees are always connected to their work. Such exhausting constant contact can lead to low morale, poor productivity and malaise in your workforce. The smartphone's useful tools are contrasted by the bevy of endless ways you can mindlessly occupy time. Games, social networking applications, videos, and fully functional Web surfing are a few examples. Employees can easily idle away an entire shift instead of focusing on the task at hand. As each generation of smartphone comes out, older systems become increasingly under-supported. Sadley this type of technology has caused many people around the world to actually lose their jobs. This has happened because of something they posted or said.

Games on iphone

There has been a lot of work done since the iPhone came out the worlds recycle level has dropped significantly. people have been make the iPhone recyclable so instead of throwing it away they recycle they reuse. Apple has made a plan to drop labour and have started to use Eco-friendly machines. Second Apple has also started to make every iPhone different inside the phone each iPhone has a engraving which shows the Eco friendly symbol. Finally every employer at Apple has committed them selves to take care and send money to South Africa and helps when a "Product" is bought its pretty much red. This sends the money made from product to Africa to help the people who need it.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation.


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