I drive. A lot. Living in the suburbs means my daily commute through miles of traffic can last nearly an hour. I, like most people, abhor traffic, as it is the one thing stopping me from getting to my destination. Whether it is going into the city or returning to the suburbs, big city traffic manages to turn a simple drive into a true expedition. My photo story is about my daily journey through the traffic packed streets of Dallas, Texas.

This is my drive

My car is perhaps the most important part of my drive as it is truly the only way to get around in a big city. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to have my car for a while which gives me the freedom to drive myself to school. While the ability to drive is great, some days, when the traffic is truly terrible, I harken back to the time in which my parents braved the long road to school while I slept in the passenger seat, unaware of the traffic at all.

7:45 AM, I've just left my house and I'm headed to school. As I make my daily turn onto Preston road, a myriad of red taillights and a seemingly endless line of cars greet me. It seems like this happens everyday, and even though I know I will make it to school, it feels like I'm stuck in the same place for ages at a time. With each nudge forward, I feel myself slowly getting closer to my journey's end.

The only thing that allows me to maintain my sanity is music. Without my trusty aux cord and driving playlist, I do not think I could survive. Whether it is rap, country, or the US top 50, I always have the radio loud and blaring my favorite songs. In fact, I use my long ride to explore new albums and tracks that I would otherwise probably never listen to. Listening to music helps me stave off the boredom of waiting and is truly the most positive part of my drive.

6:30 PM, I've just left practice and start on my way home. After a long day of school and a grueling practice, I get in my car and set out again on the traffic filled journey home. As I finally make it home, I do my school work and prepare myself to start the journey all over again tomorrow.

That is my drive

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