2018 Human Excellence Awards Honoring Heroes Delivering High–Impact Social Innovation At Harvard University, Tuesday June 19, 2018

Heroes Deploying Medicine and Healthcare to Poor Communities

Insuring Gender Equality and Girls Access to Education

Innovating Food Technologies

Sustaining the Environment

Ensuring Safe Labor Practices and Living Wages

Fighting for Civil Rights

Dignity for People with Disabilities

Bringing Sex Traffickers to Justice

2018 Human Excellence Awards Conference

We are Celebrating Hope, Community and Human Excellence by Honoring Heroes in High Impact Social Innovation

June 19, 2018

Hope Collaborative, Divine Will Foundation and Meketa Investments with People Shores and Sai Global Federation of Foundations

Divine Will Foundation, Hope Collaborative and Society for Science, with People Shores, bring you an inspiring conference on Tuesday, June 19, 2018 from 9:00am to 5:00pm at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, followed by a post-conference gathering in the evening at the Prasanthi Center for Human Development in Carlisle, MA. We focus on powerful initiatives in education, global healthcare, and psychological health and wellbeing. We are honoring powerful innovators who deliver on a vision of higher civilization and a better society.

This year, the conference is designed to celebrate and promote the powerful leadership capacities of outstanding social entrepreneurs addressing mankind’s critical social mission issues. The day will feature legendary leaders in healthcare, education, essential services, and leadership education for populations living in poverty. The conference seeks to understand, support, and promote the skills and qualities of these leaders who are capable and committed to delivering lasting and durable change.

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

  • Universal Leadership
  • Illumination of Self
  • Service to Humanity by Ending Poverty

Devotion to high principles and the good of all mankind is a central recipe for creating a new civilization. These qualities drive fulfillment and satisfaction. They bring us to better selves and energies that researchers have shown can create transcendent capacities and outputs.

The best research on team satisfaction demonstrates that groups and teams that develop a commitment to the common good and high principles overwhelmingly succeed in creating fulfilled and and committed people connected to purpose, meaning, and each other. The purpose of this conference is to mutually discover for all in attendance those skills, qualities, and mental frameworks that allow people to achieve human excellence.

Human excellence in themselves. In their schools and communities. And in their possibilities as leaders and as a people.

We welcome youth from middle school to high school. We welcome to the conference young adults who are just starting out on what we hope will be magnificent journeys of consequence in delivering solutions to mankind's hardest problems.

We honor those who have delivered on a promise in their lives of higher civilization through better visions, consequential innovations, uplifting places, and dedicated and continuous service to support and help all mankind.

To these people--and these principles-- we dedicate this conference.

Honoring Heroes in Social Innovation

We are honoring outstanding leaders of social mission organizations. Exemplars will be featured in a variety of disciplines including innovation in dispensing health care, workers rights, food technologies, poverty reduction, education, gender equality, the arts, environmental protections, and more. See highlights of our nominees!

Nominee Highlights

Meet inspiring people who are champions for social missions.

Nancy Lindborg, President of the United States Institute of Peace

Nancy Lindborg has served since February, 2015, as President of the United States Institute of Peace, an independent institution founded by Congress to provide practical solutions for preventing and resolving violent conflict around the world. She has spent most of her career working in fragile and conflict affected regions around the world. Prior to joining USIP, she served as the assistant administrator for the Bureau for Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA) at USAID. Ms. Lindborg led USAID teams focused on building resilience and democracy, managing and mitigating conflict and providing urgent humanitarian assistance. Ms. Lindborg led DCHA teams in response to the ongoing Syria Crisis, the droughts in Sahel and Horn of Africa, the Arab Spring, the Ebola response and numerous other global crises.

Eduardo Ochoa [Photo: Montgomery County Now].

Eduardo Ochoa is currently president to California State University Monterey Bay. The university is a national leader in Service Learning which involves students in local community development through community-focused classes and volunteer activities. CSUMB is the only university in the country to be a two-time winner (2006 and 2010) of the United States President’s Award for Higher Education Community Service. It has been among the top five institutions in the country ever since this award was established. During the 2016-17 academic year, 2, 840 students in 118 courses provided 97,220 hours of service in 350 community agencies and schools throughout Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey counties. Prior to coming to CSUMB, Dr. Ochoa worked for two years for the Obama Administration as the assistant secretary of postgraduate education. Among the notable programs overseen by the ED’s Office of Postsecondary Education are institutional development programs for minority institutions, teacher development programs, and the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. As president of CSUMB, one of his key objectives is to make the university a catalyst for cultural and economic development in the region. He is the founder of the Bright Futures Education Partnership, which is a community partnership of diverse members fostering progress in education outcomes for local students, from cradle to career, and improving the pipeline of quality talent within Monterey County, a county with a majority Hispanic population and with low incomes, low employment and stressed livelihoods for substantial numbers of county dwellers. This 2015 partnership has yielded significantly improved results on seven dimensions for large numbers of young children and students, transforming their lives, The seven metrics and progress on these metrics can be seen at https://brightfuturesmc.org/en/7-community-goals.

Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera, Educational and Spiritual Leader

Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera has served, as pastor, preacher, denominational executive, organization founder, and community builder. In the late-1960s through the 1970s, Rev. Dr. Raymond Rivera was Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Sunset Park Re-development Housing Initiatives in Brooklyn. He was Community Coordinator of the Lutheran Medical Center and developed community outreach programs for clergy and community-based organizations. From 1975 to 1984, he was National Executive for the Hispanic Council of the Reformed Church in America. In 1992, he founded the Latino Pastoral Action Center (LPAC), which started as a division of the Manhattan-based NYC Mission Society, the NYC’s oldest and largest social service agency. His vision was to develop an organization that dealt with social justice issues from a holistic perspective. In the mid-1980s through the early 1990s, he worked as an educational advocate and trainer in School Districts No.1 and No. 4 in Manhattan, empowering parents to become partners in the educational process. As a result, parents were elected to school boards, school-based management teams, and other policy committees within educational systems. In 1999, after years as a public education reformer, Rev. Dr. Rivera led a team of community and education leaders to establish the Family Life Academy Charter School.

Mr. C. Sreenivas, instrumental in setting up free hospital care for poor communities.

Mr. C Sreenivas (M Com & M Phil) is a dynamic social worker in Healthcare and Human Development, and for over 40 years has been instrumental in setting up and managing Sri Sathya Sai Hospitals in India. Most recently, he has been a driving force behind the two Sri Sathya Sai Sanjaveeni hospitals which focus on pediatric cardiology. This system has already provided over 5000 corrective open-heart surgeries for children with genetic heart defects and is also providing training and research in this area. A third hospital is set to be opened later this year with a fourth following in 2019. All services in this hospital are done completely free of cost.

Steve Sterling, Provides Medical Care Worldwide to those in Need [Photo http://dubrof.com/]

Steve Stirling, Chief Executive Officer and President of MAP International. Since 1954, MAP International has provided life-changing medicine and health supplies to people living in resource-poor communities around the world. Recognized for its efficiency and stewardship, MAP International serves people in despair following disasters and those in need of hope who lack access to health supplies. Mr. Stirling is committed to helping disabled children in developing countries. His commitment springs from his own life story as a child who was abandoned at an orphanage when he contracted polio as a young child, in South Korea.

Youth Leaders

The conference will also feature youth leaders from youth development programs to participate in the day, and discuss their process in becoming impactful, connected citizens. We expect to have 50 middle school, high school, young adult, and millennium leaders in attendance.

We will also be broadcasting youth leaders in from The Bay Area, The Bronx New York, India, Mexico and several other locations doing powerful work.

Accompanying them will be the social advocacy group adult leaders who support them. Our goal is to feature the power and and impact of developing young leaders at any age.

We expect participants from leading organizations such as Hope Collaborative, The Boys and Girls Clubs, Friends of the Children, Sai Ashwira, The Presidency School, Rancho Cielo and many more.

World Renowned Speakers and Legendary Change Makers

Invited World Renowned Speakers

Keynote Speaker:

Sanjit “Bunker” Roy is the founder of Barefoot College in 1972, a solar-powered college for the poor. Roy describes the Barefoot College as “The only college where the teacher is the learner, and the learner is the teacher."

(Photo: F. Voggeneder)

Keynote Speaker:

Sam Vaghar, Executive Director and Co-founder of Millennium Campus Network, a global student network addressing humanity’s greatest challenges. He is a social entrepreneur committed to helping young leaders find their voice and own their power for social impact. Sam’s deeply held belief in youth leadership is informed by programs which have engaged students from 300 universities worldwide. Under Sam’s leadership, the network convenes and trains over 1,000 campus leaders annually through its conference, Fellowship, and campaigns.

Legendary Leaders in Concert

Seeds of Entrepreneurship

Our goal is to spread the seeds of successful entrepreneurship and impact, so that more leaders and social entrepreneurs can better help society solve its mission critical problems. A second focus of the conference is to present models of corporate courage and partnership that have been successful in supporting leaders in social enterprise.

The event will be held at Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday June 19, 2018 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and will feature the work and approaches of some of the region and globe’s most effective social venture leaders and entrepreneurs. We will honor the companies and community organizations who have developed innovative partnership models that support and inspire the kind of innovative leadership approaches to take on the toughest problems.

The founders and organizers believe that advancements in human capabilities as diverse as revolutionary new technologies, interconnected communications, big data tracking and use, advanced delivery systems, micro storage technologies, and more can combine to support change and solutions at increasing speed. Time is of the essence as the world reels from the effects of chronic poverty, global climate change, political instability, and resource shortages.

Innovative Solutions for Humanity

Stories of Courage

Human Excellence Awards will be conferred by the sponsors to featured social mission leaders.

Stories of Corporate Courage feature exemplar corporations that leverage their success towards social innovation, philanthropy, and sustainability. Stories featured by global leaders including Johnson and Johnson, Unaliver, State Street Bank, and IBM.

The conference will divide into 3 segments:

  1. Social entrepreneurs and their stories of hope and human excellence to inspire and inform the assembled around what it takes to make substantial change happen.
  2. Social mission leadership models to inspire and motivate future entrepreneurs to the how’s and why’s of getting the work done.
  3. Corporate and foundation sponsors stories of success in collaborating with these leaders to inform frameworks for new corporations to advance innovative frameworks.

Our goal is to create a valuable annual event that brings together capable talent and organizations who join a community of learning that continues throughout the year on an Internet platform that we are developing.

The online platform will provide social mission organizations access to research, frameworks, funding sources, talent, and inspiring stories of leadership and change.

Working Together for a Greater Good


We partner with leading social mission organizations, corporations that have a social mission focus, outstanding community leaders with a demonstrated track record driving change, and successful social venture entrepreneurs. Last year, outstanding social mission leaders joined corporations such State Street Bank and IBM—and social mission organizations such as Science for Society and People’s Showers--for an inspired and informative event.

Our goal is to feature 9 outstanding award recipients with 9 corporate sponsors for each recipient. We will create a video of the leaders’ work and output alongside special mention of the corporations participating with focus on the work they do in the community.


Leading research from Bain Capital’s The Bridgespan Group called Designing for Transformative Scale suggests that scalable, cost-efficient solutions delivered over global platforms are the critical missing element to creating a new generation of widespread social solutions and change that is durable and lasting. Here are several core learnings from the authors Jeri Eckhart-Queenan, Abe Grindle, Jacquelyn Hadley and Roger Thompson.

“Regardless of the chosen strategy, several principles shape how an organization’s leaders think and act in pursuit of their chosen mission. Three stand out as indispensable for laying the groundwork for transformative scale: listening carefully to beneficiaries, obsessing over affordability, and building a scalable operating model.”

In his book Conscious Capitalism, John MacKey the founder of Whole Foods writes about business having powerful social impact:

“This is what we know to be true: business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence, and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity.”

Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a legendary holy man in India who built programs that have delivered free medical and education solutions to millions of people living in poverty, said:

"The whole capitalistic structure, the responsibility towards other people in society, has gone missing, which was there initially."

Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Laureate whose experiments in new forms of social mission capitalism have brought bold changes to the lives of the poor, said:

"Unprecedented technological capabilities combined with unlimited human creativity have given us tremendous power to take on intractable problems like poverty, unemployment, disease, and environmental degradation. Our challenge is to translate this extraordinary potential into meaningful change.”

Believing in the Gifts of Humankind

Our goal is to create a valuable annual event that brings together capable talent and organizations who join a community of learning that continues throughout the year on an Internet platform that we are developing.

The goals and outputs of the day are the following:

  • Honor and Model human excellence in service to society
  • Broadcast and Advance the models and learnings of the conference
  • Connect and Work as a collaborative to create lasting partnerships between social entrepreneurs and corporations
  • The online platform will provide social mission organizations access to research, frameworks, funding sources, talent, and inspiring stories of leadership and change.

Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Kevin Sheehan, MBA from Harvard Business School, Executive Director, Hope Collaborative, Co Founder LeaderJam LLC, Published Leadership Development Expert and Entrepreneur of the Year, Harvard Business School
Dr. Shyam Kamath, Dean of the College of Business at Cal State Monterey, Masters in Business Administration at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Simon Fraser University.

Conference Planning Committee Members

Brittany Bethune, Communications and Special Projects Manager at Hope Collaborative.
Winthrop Carty, Executive Director - Melton Foundation, Co-founder - Innovations Journal | Steering Committee - NEID, and Masters in Education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Dr. David Cornsweet is a co-director/trustee of the Gumpert Foundation, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, board certification as a Diplomate and Fellow of the American Psychotherapeutic Association (A.P.A.) and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in California.
Alicia Herman, Digital Marketing and Research Manager at Hope Collaborative, Community Programs Coordinator at South Shore Art Center, and Graduate Certificate in Museum Education from Tufts University, Masters in Social Work from Hunter College, CUNY, and BA in Psychology from Clark University.
Dr. Jay Himmelstein, Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health for University of MA Medical School's Center for Health Policy and Research
Ethan Lyle, A.B., Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Hope Collaborative, Experience running high-profile education programs and conferences globally.
Joe Nevin, Senior Principal at FRDI, Hope Collaborative Corporate Strategy Advisor, Graduate of Northern Virginia Community College and Boston Architectural College.
Kelly Erin O’Brien is Hope's advisors Senior Adviser on operations and efficiency. She is the CEO of Tendaji LLC, a business operations consultancy (‘Tendaji’ in Swahili means “makes things happen”). O’Brien holds a Master of Arts and Sciences, Sustainability and Environmental Management Program, Harvard University and a Master of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.
Vijay Rajamani, President Everest Enterprises, MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, MS from Oklahoma State, and B.E. at Delhi College of Engineering.
Andy Snider, Hope Collaborative Senior Advisor, CEO of Snider Associates, Graduate of Harvard Business School and Lehigh University.


Hope Collaborative, Divine Will Foundation and Meketa Investments with People Shores and Sai Global Federation of Foundations

Making Leadership Development an Educational Standard for All Children Living in Poverty.
This foundation was established by Sathya Sai Baba, funding educational, medical, sustainable energy and water purification projects as directed by Swami.
Meketa Investment Group is an employee-owned full service investment consulting and advisory firm.
PeopleShores is a social enterprise (a public benefits corporation) with the objective of bringing technology oriented careers to the shores of economically challenged communities in the USA through Impact Sourcing.
The Clay Center aims to help parents promote and support the emotional wellbeing of young people through innovative education.
Society for Science & the Public (Society) is a champion for science, dedicated to expanding scientific literacy, effective STEM education and scientific research.
It is up to the individual to create human excellence. It is up to the community to nurture a garden – large enough and durable enough – to sustain human excellence everywhere and across generations. Join Us!

To Learn More


Brittany Bethune, Manager of Communications and Special Projects, Hope Collaborative, 14 Clark Street, Belmont, Massachusetts, 02478 * bbethune@hopecollaborative.com * 617-826-9703

Kevin Sheehan, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Hope Collaborative, 14 Clark Street, Belmont, Massachusetts, 02478 KSheehan@HopeCollabroative.com * 617-826-9703



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