Francisco Vázquez de Coronado His adventure in modern day amEricA

Why did he come to America?

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado came to America because he was told of cities of gold, and wanted to claim the treasure for the Spanish. He also came to spread Catholicism to new lands.

His trip to America got him fired for returning without gold

What did he find in Kansas?

On account of Coronado's letter to Spain on October 20th, he claims that he found long fields with many cows and buffalo. He also came across Native American tribes, such as the Querechos. There were also valleys and hills, but was mostly just plains and fields. "This news troubled me greatly, to find myself on these limitless plains, where I was in great need of water, and often had to drink it so poor that it was more mud that water." -Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, in his letter to the kind of New Spain.

I'm aware that there were no roads when he went

What was his impression of Kansas?

Francisco thought that Kansas was a beautiful place, but he did not like the animals here because they fought off, and killed many of his horses. Francisco also informed the king that there were many beautiful providences in Kansas. He stated that the winters were very cold, and so he took shelter in Rio Grande, and eventually warred with the Tiwa.

What were his interactions with the natives of Kansas?

Francisco found that the Querechos didn't farm, they were very muscular, and they utilized almost every part of the cows that they hunted. He was told by them that they were unaware of the cities of gold. He then moved on, but used some of their techniques, drinking the blood of a cow for example. With the Tiwa Native American tribe, he went to war with them to take their food and women. He treated the Tiwa women very poorly, and his men would sexually assault them as well.

Rio Grande, the location of the Tiquex war.

Was his adventure due to religious spreading?

Yes, the Spaniards were attempting to spread Catholicism while gathering gold. While it was most likely an afterthought, they figured that they could spread the Catholic beliefs while also getting riches and land. If the cities of gold had really been claimed, this would have been a massive success for the Spanish, because they would have gotten gold, spread their religion, and claimed more land for New Spain, (what is now Mexico.)


De Coronado, Francisco Vázquez. "Coronada's report to the king of Spain sent from Tiguex on October 20, 1541." PBS, n.d. Web. 4 Apr. 2017.

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