Fennec Fox BY:summer Acker

A Fennec Fox is the smallest type of fox reaching about 20.3cm (8in.) tall. They are a nocturnal fox which is found in the Sahara and other places of North Africa. The Sahara is normally around 86 but can reach up to temperatures of around 122 degrees which causes it to not rain often and be quite uncommon. Sand storms go through the area daily.

The Fennec has evolved itself in different ways to fit in with their environment. Their most noticeable feature is its unusually large ears, which help them deal with the extreme heat in their desert environment as well as giving them extremely good hearing, their color helps them blend into their environment as well. The change is called "adaptive radiation" because the Fennec and its closest relatives changed to fit the desert in slightly different ways.

Fennec are mostly carnivorous but called "opportunistic eaters" because they look for plants but will mostly eat rodents, reptiles, eggs, and insects. They also have the ability to go for long periods of time without water like most other desert animals. The Fennec Fox is classified as a mammalia and is part of the canidae family. The Fennec kingdom would be animalia, their phylum is chordata, and carnivora is their order.

The Blanford's Fox looks similar to the Fennec with its small figure, cream or fawn color, and they also both have large ears like a Fennec. Their ears and color both go along with how they evolved to fit their environment so they have similar functions as in their good hearing and ability to blend in. They both also live in similar areas which are both extremely hot, because of their similar environment they look similar in size and shape and are each other's closest relative.

The Cape fox is also a close relative to the Fennec and like the Blanford's fox they're similar due to their similar environments. They both live in desert areas so they have similar functions as in the large ears which resist heat for the animals small body sand gives the Cape fox great hearing. The small body and color of its fur also lets it easily blend into its surroundings.

The Kit fox is also a close relative to the Fennec because not only are they close in size but they also have a tan or yellowish-grey fur that leaves it hard to spot them. They also have big ears to help them with hearing and heat resistance. The Kit also has furry toes as well as its ears to help resist the dry humid desert weather.

Created By
Summer Acker


Created with images by timparkinson - "Fennec Fox @ Africa Alive, Lowestoft" • timparkinson - "Fennec Fox @ Africa Alive, Lowestoft" • Derek Keats - "Fennec (Vulpes zerda)" • malfet_ - "Fennec"

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