Reflective Journal (Week Three)

On Monday we did more market research. We got some pictures and explained about the game. Not all these games we will take ideas from but they are all good to help with the process as we like these games. To get these we looked on google to get the images and looked on Steam about what other people have said about them

This is the research I done. In this I talk about the game what I like in it and if it has had any inspirations. I think it may have some inspirations with the art and maybe some gameplay as Skyrim has so many different ways to play. We may add sneak or leveling up trees like in Skyrim.

On Thursday we done some moodboards to help with later creations and ideas. We used google docs as we could both work on it at one time and most pictures that had a character form something, we added a caption below it. To get all of these pictures we used google images and searching keywords like "Yakuza female" etc

These are our moodboards. Some of these I done and some we worked together on.

We done this to see what we can do with the Yakuza members and what we can do with them when Dziliana goes to draw them. The weapons and levels UI are going to help us as we can use different weapons for attacking and different UI ideas. We think it would be best to go for a very simple UI idea. All of these will help both of us have ideas about what to do with the game.

This is us researching different facts about the Yakuza. We found out that the name Yakuza is from card games. It is referred to as a losing hand in some game. It translates into eight, nine, three. We done this research to find out more about the Yakuza and some of the things they are know for so we can make them more realistic. This relates to our game as our main character is in the Yakuza and by looking into the Yakuza and their way of life it will help us make our character's personality. We were hoping that we could find something on leaving the Yakuza but we could not. We wanted to know this because we had the idea of different endings, one of which would leave the Yakuza. We wanted to find this as we wanted to know the difficulty of it


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