Before the limelight Backstage at the Miss Hinds Community College Pageant

The annual Miss Hinds Community College Pageant took place in November 2016. You can read about the event and contestants here. The night was filled with twirling evening gowns, dancing and singing and more.

But before the contestants walked into the bright lights, they were backstage preparing mentally and physically for the night ahead. This blog post will focus on the minutes before the limelight.

The dressing room in Cain Cochran Hall where the contestants prepared.

Abigail Walters brought hot rollers, a makeup mirror and more to get ready. She did her own makeup, as you can see here. Abigail would go on to win the pageant.

Dominique Wolfe decides which earrings to wear with her evening gown.

Lillian Greer checking her appearance in the mirror.

Glitzy shoes and accessories lines the counters of the dressing room, for the contestant's many wardrobe changes.

Abigail Walters adds the final sweep of eyeshadow while getting ready.

Hope Ragan fastens her dress. Ragan went on to be the second runner up.

Final touches being done on Bethanie Myer's hair. Myers would become first runner up.

Maggie Shoutlz, the entertainer for the night, wore festive shoes to go with her performance.

Miss Hinds Community College 2016 Courtney Helom prepares for her last appearance as Miss Hinds.

The dressing room was relatively quiet and the contestants were supportive of each other as they prepared for the night ahead. And the room will remain waiting until next year's pageant, where the show will go on once more.

By April Garon/Hinds Community College


April Garon/Hinds Community College

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