Final Project By: Katlin mckerchie

In this picture we are working on peer review. The course outcome is critique others drafts and work collaboratively on a writing problem. also choose words and tone of voice appropriate to a given audience.
In this picture I am working on revising one of my papers. The outcome is Edit a document for consistent point of view, standard grammar usage, mechanics and punctuation. also assess sources and information
In this picture they are working effectively with others to produce and or revise written materials. and also they are adapting to the workplace and producing a variety of written documents as required.
We are producing effective written communication demonstrating appropriate use of language, sentence structure, grammar and mechanics. We are also organizing our ideas effectively.
I developed ideas and found reliable resources for their writing. and also stated and supported assertions.
Analyzing the writing situation and choose appropriate methods of organizing effectively. And also improving their content and style using feedback and revision.
analyze and define the purpose of their writing. and also analyzing the content and purpose of a writing problem.
Analyze and define the needs of the intended audience. also analyzing the writing situation, identify needed information and locate the appropriate information for their writing.

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