Stock Marcket Project math 9 semester 1 - block c

S T A G E 1


When you buy a stock “a share” of a company, you’re buying a part of it. The goals is to choose and buy stocks in companies that you think there are good to make money. What the people does most of the time it’s to buy several stocks of investing in a single stock and risking to lose lots of money.

Some companies also pay shareholders a cut of their profit - the dividend. Investors who would like regular income from their investments usually buy stocks that pay high dividends.

Each company uses a ticker symbol, which is an abbreviation used to identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a particular stock market.

Supply and demand affects the stock market by determining the prices of the stocks that make up the market. Supply represents how much of the product the market can offer, and demand represents how much of the product (or service) the buyers want.

There are pros and cons of investing in the stock market. For example, you can earn income from the dividends, and there’s a growth potential for long-term, but there’s the risk of another banking crisis. Investing in a stock market is never risk free.

COCA-COLA : Everybody drinks coke, everywhere in the world, leader in it’s market, very old, founded in 1886, many other brand, fanta, sprite, minute maid

•APPLE : I decided to invest in this company because according to me, Steve Jobs has created one from the best performing computer company which dominates the operating system market. it has acquired a large number of technological as the iphone , ipad,ipod ,...

•DIOR : I chose to invest in this company because Dior is a successfull brand in many countries . I trust a lot this brand and I believe that it will stay successful

S T A G E 3 - M Y R E F L E C T I O N :

First I started my project with 3 companies wich called DIOR 10 shares and after 5 more,COCA-COLA 10 shares and APPLE 10 shares.

Christian Dior was the companies wich increases the most .But Coca-Cola was a bad investment ,

then i sale all the shares I had , and i bought somes actions from Tesla end that was much better then all of my actions at beginning .

I am very impressed about Dior ! Because of the internet they say that was a bad investment but somewhere i know that was a good. Because this is a big and famous fashion compagnies. .

So for now I’m very agree with my benefits .

S T A G E 4


My portfolio decreased slightly, about - 1,64%, because one company increased well, Dior, +9,17%, while 2 other decreased, Apple not too much, -1,87% and Tesla a lot, -14,62%.

Dior has success as the luxury market is growing, especially in the asian market and also several developing markets (russia, india, etc.)

Apple is stable, having a declining share of a growing market.

Tesla is not producing yet any new models so the market is disappointed but it should go better when their new models comes out.

If I had to do it again, I would choose a luxury established car brand like Mercedes or Porsche, more stable and luxury market.

I have learned that you can lose money short term, even with exciting companies who have a long term future potential (Tesla), or lose some money on good companies (Apple) due to short-term fluctuation.

I hope you will appreciate my work I was very enjoyed to do this project !

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