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This picture represents almost all of the great affects of globalization.

Globalization is great for many reasons. One reason globalization is great is because it brings jobs to people who would have to pick through landfills with their kids if they didn't get the job. In countries where there aren't many jobs it is very hard to get a job, but since globalization, people who wouldn't get jobs get jobs that at least pay some money compared to no money at all. Another reason globalization is good is because it brings items from around the world to people. As a result to globalization people can get items that come from across the globe, like a pencil. The wood may come from Canada, metal from China, and rubber from Venezuela, without globalization all of this would be impossible. All of this shows how great globalization really is.

All of this shows how deadly Mount Everest really is.

Many people try to climb Mount Everest every year, but not all make it back. It’s a terrible decision to climb it for many reasons. One of the many reasons it's a terrible decision to climb Mount Everest is because of how vulnerable you are when climbing especially at the summit. When you are at the summit if you stay too long you can run out of time to get down and easily be killed by avalanches, extreme weather, and hypothermia. Another reason it's not worth the risk of climbing Mount Everest is that if you don't spend enough time at base camp you can get altitude sickness. Altitude sickness can cause bad sickness, and even death if serious enough. These are the main reasons why not to climb the dangerous Mount Everest. All of this has lead to a 4 percent death rate, and over 200 deaths on Mount Everest. Even very experienced climbers like sherpas are at risk. In 2012 13 sherpas died. This is why people should not take the risk of climbing the dangerous Mount Everest.

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The constitution for the U.S.

Representative democracy is the most effective form of government. One government that is representative democracy is the United States. They are one of the most powerful and important countries. In the U.S. every citizen has a say in government. In a representative democracy everyone has rights. Therefore everyone can vote and have freedom of speech. In the U.S. the government is limited and not above the law because of a constitution that limits government. A constitution tells the government what they can do and what they can't do. That makes sure that the government doesn't gain too much power and turn out like a dictatorship. An representative democracy is the best form of government. A country that has a representative government is the U.S.. They have a constitution that limits government and every citizen has rights. Such as freedom of speech, and can vote. As long as everyone follows their responsibility countries like the U.S. whose government are an representative democracy are always successful.

A good citizen follows laws and uses their rights. For example they vote for the president and senators, because it's their right to vote. It is their responsibility to pay taxes or else they will go to jail. Another responsibility for good citizens is following the law. If they don't they will be fined and go to jail. Worse than going to jail it wouldn't be right to for example commit murder. They wouldn't be social because they wouldn't be accepted by society. A good citizen stands up for their rights and stands up for people. A very good citizen would be a good leader and they would respect others.

Since almost all the EU has a common market they have a common currency.

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal/centrifugal forces that unite/divide nations. All of Europe has a common market that unites it by making no tariffs, the same currency etc.. A common market means they all use the same currency (the Euro). Also there are no tariffs so all countries don't have to pay tax to ship to different countries in the EU. Even though the cultures are very different the EU unites all of Europe. All borders in the EU are open so it allows citizens of a different country have jobs in other countries. Overall the EU unites European countries together. The EU also creates jobs for people who live in different countries. Just like having a job in another state in the U.S.. Most importantly the EU is a great way to connect all of Europe.

People don't grow cash crops to prevent desertification at the remaining oases.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region.

People adapt to living in a desert region many different ways. People grow only plants they need at the oases. They don't grow cash crops to avoid desertification at the remaining oases. All cash crops need lots of water and with a ongoing drought in the Sahara they can't lose the water at these precious oases. People move around for many reasons. They move from oasis to oasis so they don't run out of water. Also to give their cattle new grass to graze upon. Which is partially shifting agricultural. It's hard to live in a desert region but people do it. They use only the resources they need and move constantly to avoid desertification in the ever lasting drought there. They are constantly battling desertification so they develop these ways to avoid it.

This shows how they get oil out of the ground, oil is the recourse that negatively affects this region.

Having a valuable resource affects a region in a bad way. It makes your nation more likely for an invasion or large conflicts over oil reserves and crude oil. Saddam Hussein a former president of Iraq, invaded Kuwait and targeted their oil which then caused a war called the Persian Gulf War. This ended with Saddam Hussein burning Kuwait’s oil fields. Governments become too reliant to the valuable resource like oil reserves. Which is bad because if the price of oil crashes the country's economy crashes. In one year oil was over 75 percent of Saudi Arabia's GDP. There are many reasons why having a resource like oil is bad, from the threat of invasion or conflicts over oil to being too reliant on oil, Oil is overall not good to rely on or have too much of.


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