Another One Bites the Dust! Rita Leuck

The Wishing Tree unfinished set, Meghann Plumb as the Wishing Tree, Felicia Plasek as the Flotilla Van Carbunkle and Kateri Pantoja as Widder Matilda Sparks.

This year has been especially hard on students and teachers. One group is the seniors. It is their last year and they can’t wait to do their next production. Director Joshua von Kampen has mentioned that with the unpredictability of the pandemic it has been hard to put on productions because; what if it is shut down or there are not enough people auditioning?

Clara Jones (Senior)- Shirley Homes

This year was a bit different with the play because all the actresses had to wear masks. For some of the girls only know about acting with masks on!

"Elementary, my dear Watson, elementary."- Shirley Homes

VK has been working hard trying to find a way to get a musical going. He is making sure that if we are in hybrid that the musical will still go on! VK commented, “Let’s have the fun we know we can have because last time it was taken away.” The last musical that Mercy was supposed to do was "Chicago" but everyone got quarantined, so the musical was canceled.

The World Goes Around- Scrips for this year!

This semester Mercy Theatre is putting on The World Goes Around. VK does know that this musical is not widely known but it is a production that would work best with the Covid restrictions around us. He said “What we put into it is what we get out of it”. If the girls work as hard as they did on The Wishing Tree and If Sherlock were a Women, then this will be one amazing musical.

Actresses singing for audition in a different way this year. Senior Erin Hardy and Kateri Pantoja, freshman Maren Hollinger.

The last play was two one acts, one on top of another. Senior Kateri Pantoja has a good attitude about the productions this year, She said, “That we have been able to still participate and I’ve always wanted to do a one act. I have always wanted to have a smaller cast and we were able to do that this year.” Many seniors have been upset about the predicament that we are all in but happy that they can still do what they love!

Senior Molly VanKat in the top right corner, Junior Meghann Plumb in the top left corner, and Korissa Dyche at the bottom.

Senior Molly Vankat stated, “My favorite part about this year is that I got a leading role. It was interesting to lead this cast into a new normal”. The seniors at Mercy Theatre are seeing a light in the dark around them this year.

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