The Perfect Storm: Climate Change OIL'S ROLE IN GLOBAL WARMING

Oil, a leading fossil fuel, has detrimental impacts on the environment. The harmful process produces high quantities of pollution, including greenhouse gases. Releasing large amounts of CO2, the atmosphere is being inundated by oil's by-products. Heat builds up, the earth can't cool down, and the ramifications are catastrophic and universal.

Many causes are behind climate change. With recent technological developments, oil productions are more and more centered around industry and transport. At a time when humans are increasingly dependent on industrialism, energy needs, and transportation, the demand for oil is high. This is a main factor in why companies and private businesses haven't converted to cleaner sources of energy; that and oil's availability. But not only is oil fueling global warming, it directly harms animals and it's non-renewable

Oil spills, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and rising temperatures are all realities of the warming planet.

Accidents at oil plants, on and off shore, can cause toxic chemicals to spread for miles and harm, and kill, many organisms. With shorter, warmer hunting seasons with less ice, polar bears, and other arctic species, are suffering loss of hunting grounds and time to hunt. That, combined with loss prey (seal hunting), is driving yet another species closer to endangerment and extinction. Even loss of habitat, caused by the building of the oil plants themselves, can catalyze the inhabitation of an entire ecosystem.

With earth's current situation, oil as an energy source must cease. Eventually we will run out anyway, so it is best to stop while we can. Most importantly, there are too many negative effects on wildlife, the environment, and even us to sanction the use of oil. There are many other,cleaner sources of energy. Continuing to support oil is only fueling the destruction of the planet we live on. A harsh decline in oil is a very important necessity in saving Earth.

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